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NeoCon, June 15-17 2015, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago

Join the office revolution and visit our stands 5060 & 5080 on 7th floor at NeoCon and test Framery O phone booth during June 15-17th in Chicago, USA.


Clerkenwell Design Week 19-21 May 2015

Welcome to meet us and test the Framery O at Canal Architectural, 11-12 Great Sutton Street, London, UK

Framery Lay-out Planner

Place the products next to the users


Do this!

Place the booths in the middle of your staff. Make sure you have enough phone booths and walking distance to the nearest booth is max. 10 meters. 1 phone booth / 15-25 employees


Don’t do this

Don’t place the booths to corridors. People don’t want to move long distances and if they cannot see the phone booth they won’t usually use it.

  • Noise free work environment

    Framery phone booth is a perfect solution to increase employee well-being in open office.  This gives a unique possibility to create noise free work environment and focus on productivity.

  • Works in both ways

    The loudest noise in office usually can be the phone conversations. Work in peace, Framery O-booth truly blocks out all the sounds!

Piece of Furniture


Contact / Request

Framery Oy (FI 23527139)

Patamäenkatu 7

33900 Tampere


VAT: FI 23527139

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  • design-principles

Framery products are pieces of furniture. You can move it around the office with small effort.

  • Framery O phone booth

    The Framery O phone booth gives employees privacy and opportunity for uninterrupted work. Placing the booths in the middle of the staff solves the common noise problems in an open-plan office.

    Framery O phone booth comes ready to use. Booth includes all the needed equipment: table top, air ventilation system, electric socket and led lighting. O-booth delivers an echo-free, fresh and nice working environment.

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    The Framery phone booth products give employees in an open-plan office more privacy and opportunities for uninterrupted work.

    Interior Acoustics

    Phone booths are mainly used for phone calls, video conferences and web conferences. It is clear that the acoustics is one of the key features in Framery products.


    Due to the sound insulation, one can have true experience of a ‘cocoon’ in office space. We in Framery praise the possibility to positively cut oneself form the regular environment during the day at least for short periods. This increases productivity and efficiency.

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  • Our Philosophy #1

    Freedom to take responsibility to carry responsibility

  • Our Philosophy #2

    Trust on your own knowledge and the ability to find new information

  • Our Philosophy #3

    Limited resources, everyone counts  

  • Our Philosophy #4

    Rewarding on great performance

  • Our Philosophy #5

    Continuos development and self critique



We are Framery:

Matthew Herrera
V.P. North America

Timi Lehtonen
Sales Director - North America
+358 440 987 001 / +1 415 846 1473

Lasse Karvinen
Regional Sales Director - Finland & Europe
+358 50 370 6637

Kati Suomi
Regional Sales Director - Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, Russia
+358 40 727 6488 / +47 976 99 919

Olli Siren
Sales Director - Hong Kong
+852 64373064

Elina Rantanen
Supply Chain Manager
+358 40 578 0899

Ari Mattila
Production Manager
+358 50 371 2722

Samu Hällfors
Executive Vice President, Head of Design
+358 50 517 5818

Ossi Paija
+358 45 162 0050

The Framery phone booth studio is located in Tampere, Finland. Framery is an entrepreneur-driven company, and the components of our products are manufactured by the best Finnish subcontractors. The company was established in 2010.

Our philosophy:

  • Responsibility and freedom of own decisions
  • Trust on your own knowledge and the ability to find new information
  • Limited resources, every work task needs to have a reason
  • Rewarding on great performance
  • Long tempered working and questioning your own ideas

If this description is right on the money with you, you may be the one to work with us. We inform open positions on this page and on some other channels that we find suitable.

Framery Oy (FI 23527139)

Patamäenkatu 7

33900 Tampere


VAT: FI 23527139