Framery One video conferencing

Framery Pods Provide the Optimal Solution for Hybrid Workplaces

Framery is dedicated to ensuring that offices across the globe are equipped with the necessary solutions for the growing need for video conferencing.

Framery is dedicated to ensuring that offices across the globe are equipped with the necessary solutions for employee success and happiness. In this increasingly virtual age, Framery pods remain a key solution. With the rise in video conferencing and hybrid work, acoustic pods address the need for on-demand privacy that allows people to seamlessly connect, regardless of physical location.

As revealed by top companies worldwide, the long-term impact of the pandemic will require a blend of products needed to make the hybrid work model successful. This includes workplace products that support virtual and in-person collaboration, as well as heads-down work. Framery’s research shows the estimated increase for video conferencing will be up to 500% – way more than what was required prior to the pandemic. Consequently, 71% of those surveyed said their offices are not currently equipped for this increase and will need to make new spaces dedicated to taking video calls. 

Framery One video conferencing
Framery pods provide an optimal setup for video conferencing and are a great addition to the hybrid office.

At Framery, we continue to explore ways our pods can support these new norms. While the office will not lose its significance, employees will likely not travel as frequently for in-person business meetings – meaning there will be a continued need for virtual collaboration. Video conferencing enables companies to maintain business relationships, without putting employees in challenging positions to travel the way they used to for meetings.

“Framery pods are an ideal solution for video conferencing because the booths give employees a private and echo-free space,” says Lasse Karvinen, Framery Head of Products. “This guarantees individuals can host their virtual meetings without disruptions or distractions at the office.”

What makes Framery pods a good fit for video conferencing?

Aside from offering a soundproof space for focused work, Framery pods, ranging from one-person solutions like Framery One to the larger meeting rooms like Framery 2Q Huddle, are thoughtfully equipped for video conferencing:

  • Power: Each pod is equipped with power inputs and USB ports so devices can be plugged in for charging. There is also the option to add wireless charging to the tabletop.
  • Lighting: LED lighting and control panels help optimize comfort within the pods. In Framery One, Framery O VCR, and Framery 2Q models, users can adjust the brightness for optimal lighting during video chats.
  • Air Quality: The indoor air quality is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is found to be well within the limits of M1 emission classification. The air circulation inside a Framery pod is multiple times higher than the general recommendation for occupied spaces. Users can feel safe knowing that their wellbeing is top-of-mind with healthy airflow.
  • Cleanability: Framery pods are made with durable materials that are easy to clean. Check out our Framery Pod Cleaning Guide for simple instructions.
  • Adjustability: In Framery One and Framery O pods users can adjust the seat to their personal preferences. Framery One also has an adjustable desk and two footrests to keep employees comfortable for longer stretches of time. 
  • Bookable pods: Framery One can be integrated into your company’s calendar system and turned into a bookable space. The hi-res touch screen shows your booking on the screen and occupancy indicators on the outer corners of the pod let people know whether the pod is free or not. Due to the 4G connection, the pods are always connected to the internet – no external Wi-Fi-connection needed – and they can be booked from anywhere at any time. This way employees can also see when their favorite spot is available to use and when to book those important videoconferences. Or, if the pod is free, simply step inside and it will be reserved automatically.
  • Product Enhancements: 
    • Framery 2Q Huddle is re-designed to comfortably sit four-to-six people around a table with a display screen on the other end for video conferencing. This redesign allows users to enter and exit the pod individually without disturbing others. It reduces visual distraction by placing the screen against a wall rather than glass. 
    • Framery Q Meeting Maggie now has the option to come equipped with a turnable monitor arm to make video conferencing more comfortable. The turnable monitor arm allows two users to sit on one side, turn a display mounted in the pod towards them, and both be visible on camera. 
Framery 2Q Huddle
Framery 2Q Huddle is an ideal setup for your meetings, whether everyone attending is present or some are joining remotely.

For many years, Framery has provided great solutions for video conferencing for Datadog’s New York office.

“Many of our employees work remotely, spread over five continents, so we have a lot of meetings, demos, and interviews via video conferencing and telephone calls from within our Framery pods,” says Pascal Schaary, Datadog’s VP of Business Operations. Read the whole Datadog reference story here.

Framery pods have also offered a great solution for video conferencing for 253 Columbia, a legal office share space in Canada.

“The interior space of the Framery O is perfect for web conferences, and the sleek interior adds a touch of professionalism to the typical bedroom backdrop during COVID”

“The interior space of the Framery O is perfect for web conferences, and the sleek interior adds a touch of professionalism to the typical bedroom backdrop during COVID,” says James Struthers, Founder of 253 Columbia. “The Framery Q pod comfortably fits two occupants while maintaining social distancing.” Read the whole reference story here.

Video conferences are here to stay. Is your office ready for it? We are happy to help.

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