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The world’s most advanced soundproof office pod

A person working in a Framery One office pod.

THE WORLD’S MOST advanced office pod

A perfectly engineered soundproof office pod for one

Framery One is a highly adaptable workspace packed with the latest technology, leading sound insulation and ventilation standards, and echo-free acoustics to let you focus on your work, and connect online with people anywhere.

Focus Work or Video Calls

The best place to work in the entire office

This advanced office pod is a highly adaptable workspace designed with the needs of modern work in mind.

Optimized for Virtual Meetings

Look and sound your best on video calls

The office pod features an embedded horizontal light bar and sound absorbing materials which make sure you look great and sound clear.

Incredible Soundproofing

Keep outside noise out – and inside noise in

Framery One’s speech level reduction of 30dB has earned it one of the industry’s top ISO 23351-1 ratings for office phone booths.

Adjustable Ventilation

Breathe easier – stay longer

Control the ventilation in Framery One with a single touch – with a total airflow over 29 l/s, you can adjust the atmosphere to suit your preferences.

framery one quick specs

Framery One sets a new industry standard for what a soundproof office pod is capable of.

  • Speech level reduction of 30dB
  • Total airflow 29 l/s, 61 CFM (103,6 m3/h)
  • Dual adjustable 4000K LED lighting
  • Floor space: 122 cm (W) × 100 cm (D) // 48 in (W) × 39.4 in (D)


Over 3000 ways to customize your office pod

Nearly everything on Framery One can be customized to your liking. Choose from a range of colors for exterior panels, interior fabrics, furnishings, and more.

Embedded Video Lighting

An adjustable videoconference light embedded in the pod’s wall casts a soft, natural glow evenly on the user’s face.

Touchscreen Controls

A built-in UI panel puts you in control of the pod’s lighting, ventilation, and reservation status.

Advanced Bookability

Sync your Framery One with your workplace calendar and it automatically makes a reservation upon user entry.

Make better decisions about your workplace

Framery Connect is the workplace management tool that gives you valuable insights into how your office works.

“Framery pods are a core component of that future work environment.”

Jamie Petten
The Kanata North Business Association
Executive Director

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