During the spring and summer, McDonald’s in Uppsala and Västerås will be testing what is likely to be the world’s first job-box for employment interviews. People who are interested in working at McDonald’s can now apply for jobs via video interviews directly at the restaurant without having to submit their CV and personal letter. 

McDonald’s in Västerås and Uppsala have worked with video interviews for three years when recruiting. Now they are taking a further step in making the interview process more flexible for both applicants and those who work with recruitment. The applicant conducts the interview in a sound-insulated box at the restaurant. The five preprogrammed questions pop up on the screen, and the interview ends with a sixth question about how it felt to be video-interviewed. The job-box will be tested for three months and then evaluated.

– I am very curious to see what response we will receive now that we are making this technology even more accessible to our applicants. In the past, they have had to download an app to their smartphone. Now they can complete the interview in just a few minutes, and it will also be possible to conduct interviews for those who do not have a smartphone. We have worked with video interviews for three or four years, and this technology means that we are even more available for those who want to work with us. Many of those looking for a job with us are young and used to digital media and recording themselves, says Irfan Ahmad, Operations Manager at McDonald’s in Västerås and Uppsala.

There will be a job-box at McDonald’s Fyrislund in Uppsala and one at McDonald’s Hälla in Västerås. The job-box has been produced by Framery, and ZeroLime has been responsible for the technology for conducting the interviews. For those who wish to do so, it will also be possible to do the interview on their phone at a location of their choice.

– I got the idea for an interview box in the beginning of the 90s, when I was running a staffing agency. I used to joke about the photo kiosks that were always in shopping centers and subway stations being able to be replaced with job vending machines. I even made a “fun” advertising campaign, mostly as an April Fool’s Day joke. Now, almost thirty years later, it is no longer a joke – it is a reality. Video interviews are not so common in Sweden yet. Approximately 10,000 interviews are conducted via our system per month. Many use these interviews as a first screening of candidates, while others have replaced the traditional telephone interview. This is a method that is becoming increasingly common in all occupational categories. It is a good and easy way to offer all applicants an opportunity to make an interview, says Mats Wernheim, CEO and Founder of ZeroLime.

Framery’s silent office phonebooths allow you to meet, call, or in this instance conduct a video interview in a lively environment without disruption, in the middle of a packed McDonald’s restaurant. The booths are soundproofed and air-conditioned.

– For us it’s great that McDonald’s has chosen to use Framery phone booths in this creative way. Most often our products are used in open plan offices to eliminate unwanted noise and to increase happiness and productivity in workplaces. However, a restaurant setting suits our products perfectly as well. This time our products are helping the recruitment process of McDonald’s, which in turn help to employ people. Employment and happiness in workplaces are the number one value for Framery so it’s an honor to be part of this project, says Framery COO and Founder Samu Hällfors.

How the job-box works

The job-box is similar to a traditional photo booth. The job-box is equipped with a built-in iPad where you enter your contact details to start the video interview. Each person receives five questions to answer and record. Upon completion, the video interview is sent directly to the person responsible for the recruitment at the restaurant. The video will be deleted from the iPad as soon as the interview is finished. You can also choose to make the interview in your own phone and in a location of your choice, if you prefer. The interview takes around 4 to 5 minutes.

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