Henrietta Nummela
Henrietta Nummela
Marketing & Communications Team

Didn’t have the chance to visit us at Orgatec? Don’t worry. We are inviting you to experience the Framery path to a new way of working in Orgatec, Cologne. You will get a glimpse of the Framery experience in Orgatec and a general view of how our events come together.

Framery recently participated at Orgatec 2018 in Cologne, Germany where visitors were able to experience and walk the Framery path to a new way of working. This path provides an exclusive, first-hand look of what Framery has to offer a range of offices and workspaces around the world and what we’re already providing to some of the biggest brands on the globe.

As the leading trade event held just once every two years, Orgatec is focused on modernizing today’s day-to-day offices and facilities in an evolving working world. The 2018 event’s theme was the changing ways of working, creating obvious new requirements for today’s modern workspaces and the daily work and office culture.

Framery is pioneering groundbreaking products in this space, so it was an easy decision for us to participate and showcase some of our award-winning products, while spreading the word about our story.

Welcome to experience the path

Framery pods are all about the experiential design and the feeling that we want to create for our customers and their employees. This is why we wanted to bring something more to our showcase at Orgatec 2018.

We created a physical walking path where Orgatec attendees were able to experience our actual, physical steps to a new way of working and a better work life.

We at Framery have a passion to do our part. And here our journey begins.


“Framery’s purpose of design is to make people’s lives better”

Acoustics is a balance

So, what do Framery products really feel like? The first thing that became obvious to visitors on the Framery path to Happiness was an introduction to the total user experience of Framery.

It starts with the art of acoustics. Sound insulation isn’t simple. There’s just so much that goes into it, which is why our experts need to consider a variety of aspects and technical practicalities to insulate each pod, while ensuring they still maintain their beautiful design.

This brings us to the aesthetics. The appearance, look and feel of Framery pods are key parts of the experience – the glass walls and the materials give the user a feeling of space as well as provide a treat for the eyes.

And then there’s the ventilation aspect. We don’t want our users to sweat in our pods. Neither do they. But at the same time, the sound of ventilation shouldn’t be disturbing the harmonious atmosphere in the pod, either. This a constant balance that our R&D experts are tackling with their countless years of professional experience.

Orgatec 2018 visitors had an opportunity to experience these physical traits first-hand by stepping into one of our booths.

 Harmony of privacy & relatedness

Next up on the Framery path to a new way of working, we considered the needs in today’s workplaces.

Ask yourself, does your work environment support the way you work? Just in some ways? In no ways? There are times when we need to concentrate without distractions. Other times we need to have meetings to share our ideas and brainstorm with colleagues. And then there are those times when the best thing is to have a quick break from all the surrounding noise and get recharged what’s to come next on the task list.

Studies from Leesman, an intercontinental and independent employee experience firm, show there’s a growing need for both privacy and relatedness in workplaces around the world.

Framery workspaces are designed to tackle both. Our smaller pods provide you with an individual spot to take a call or work alone, while our larger pods offer opportunities to meet up with your team or to workshop together.

Cognitive ergonomics & conversational distractions

On the next stop along the Framery path, we focused on the topic of brain pleasure at work.

Our brains all need to recharge in the same way each of us do. As we focus on more intensive work tasks, we need to use the full capacity of our brain. And sitting in the same part of the brain are the hearing and reading functions. This is why any background noise can be overwhelming for the mind.

Framery wants to offer places at work where you can get that Zen-feeling and let your creativity come to life.

Small meeting rooms are the future

Concentrating on the efficient use of spaces was emphasized on the next phase of our journey.

According to workplace research firm Rapal, the number of attendees in meetings is decreasing, meaning there’s now a recognized need around most workplaces for smaller meeting spaces. The most common problem in workplaces is the inefficient use of existing meeting rooms and spaces, combined with a short supply of smaller private spaces, requiring more smart and efficient office design options.

Smart placing of pods

On the last path of our journey, we offered a variety of tips and tricks. From where and how to place our pods in existing office spaces and the thinking behind why, to designing workplaces for the best user experience, Orgatec 2018 visitors found those here.

Framery always puts end users first and in a way that our pods should support their needs and empower their creativity. This is how a happy work culture is enhanced. And this is the ultimate goal of Framery – to create happier lives!

You can check out more in our Pod Placement Guide.

This is where our journey ends, for now. If you didn’t meet us at Orgatec 2018, make sure you catch us at the annual Slush 2018 in December, which takes place in our home country of Finland. Where it all started.