In part one of the blog “2020 Put Framery’s Happiness Tools to the Test: What Did We Learn?”, we dove into a number of strategies that our team implements to ensure that employees are happy and healthy. This includes prioritizing wellness and transparency at work and providing accessible mental health services, which go hand-in-hand in creating an environment that generates happiness.

It’s all about promoting a safe, productive space where employees can be the best version of themselves. And guess what? There’s more! Check out some of the tips below on how Framery maintains a positive work culture.

Take Time to Take Breaks

After a difficult year, Framery has not only recognized the power of breaktime but initiated change to better encourage employees to take breaks to give themselves a chance to recover throughout the day. It’s recommended that employees engage in the following:

  1. Exercise together! Framery gives employees an hour every week to go for a mid-day walk or stop at the gym, while they’re still getting paid. The company trusts employees to be able to step away at the appropriate time to take care of themselves, while also still getting their work done in a timely manner.
  2. Passionate about a specific sport or interested in learning more about one? Join a Slack channel or internal group where you can share insight on sports clubs, workout tips, and video guides that help get you moving during the day. Employees are even welcome to get together during the virtual activity!
  3. Download an application like Cuckoo Workout, an easy-to-use break exercise app that motivates employees to move in a fun way during the workday. It reminds employees, especially those who sit in front of a computer at work, to take breaks and get physically active.
  4. Arrange exercise programs at work guided by professionals. Production workers are invited to specific exercise programs during their breaks that are guided by trained physiotherapists. Since these employees are doing more physically demanding work, Framery gives them the opportunity to find movements and exercises that balance out that labor and helps them recover from heavy lifting.
  5. Host virtual breaks and get-togethers such as virtual coffee breaks with your team and other co-workers. Virtual Framery events, also known as “Virtual Frevents,” are highly recommended and popular at Framery. Most recently, the team hosted a virtual cooking class for all Framerians who wanted to join from anywhere around the world. A professional chef guided employees through a delicious 3-course meal – it was a huge success!
Framerian orienteering
Framery encourages employees to spend an hour every week for an exercise of their choosing during working hours.

Explore Professional and Personal Development

Framery recently offered employees an optional three-month “self-leadership and work skills” e-training pilot conducted with Academy of Brain, a human resources consulting company. The themes covered include resilience, sleep, recovery skills, focus, and concentration.

Academy of Brain’s online learning tutorials are based on behavioral and social science research and practical experiences. The company’s online training develops important psychological work-life skills. The goal is to improve employees’ interaction and management skills as well as their way of handling pressure. They also provide methods and tools for more efficient concentration and recovery.

”The Academy of Brain pilot was a very interesting and helpful journey to learn more about yourself and well-being in general,” says Aleksi Rosenius, Service Development Specialist at Framery, who was a participant of the pilot. “I understood the importance of recovery at work and received useful tips for how to focus better on my work without getting distracted. I even brought some of the modules about communication and feedback into my personal life.”

“I understood the importance of recovery at work and received useful tips for how to focus better on my work without getting distracted. I even brought some of the modules about communication and feedback into my personal life.”

At Framery, we are always looking to the future, which means we’re constantly discovering new ways to invest in our employees’ development, improvement, and overall growth. It’s important as a workplace to recognize that well-being and happiness are components that we should prioritize well beyond challenging times, like the pandemic. They should be part of the core values of the company from day one and beyond.