Although Framery is still in its youth as a company, we’re proud of the strong trainee culture that we have available here. From Corporate Responsibility to Finance and our Research Center, there are many new positions opening each year across our different teams and locations.

Here we will introduce you to the trainee experience at Framery, from the perspective of four of our former trainees.

Just making coffee? No, these are real projects

Thoughts of typical trainee work tasks may bring to mind making coffee all day and getting thrown all the boring and tedious tasks that longer-established colleagues prefer not to do. We take a different approach within our trainee program.

Trainees at Framery actually participate in real projects and have their own responsibilities.

Our philosophy is that everybody should have responsibilities of their own, as well as the bread and butter. There’s also the freedom to organize your own work. After all, we’re strong believers here that employees are happier when they have the independence to customize the way they work as well as balance their free time.

Endless new knowledge opportunities

Development & Corporate responsibility

Here’s Vilma Hakanen, who began at Framery in the summer of 2018 as our Development & Corporate Responsibility Trainee. She’s currently studying Strategic Business Development at the University of Vaasa. It’s there where she had the spark to go deeper into quality management and Framery’s Corporate Responsibility team focuses on topics and standards such as quality, environment and process development.

Vilma has been able to see the work of different areas here at Framery since she has had projects with a variety of teams.

“During the summer I mostly concentrated on updating and redesigning the documentation of Framery’s Quality Management System. Currently I’m working on my master’s thesis on the topic of sales lead management with the Framery sales team,” she says.

The atmosphere at Framery is something that Vilma highlights when talking about her own experiences.

“It was really easy to join Framery because the atmosphere is enthusiastic and positive.”

“In my experience, employees here are treated equally, despite age, title or gender, which is among the many reasons that makes this company an awesome place to work!”

Real-life professional experiences

Supply Chain Development

Miikka Sjöros started at Framery in 2017 as a Production Development Trainee, which is a part of the Supply Chain Development team. He describes the variety of different responsibilities and pleasurable challenges during his time so far at Framery.

“I started in the Production Development team and my tasks consisted mainly of different development items, such as designing a new trolley system in production as well as developing the performance of production cells,” he says.

But that was just the beginning for Miikka, who will be entering his third year with the company this calendar year.

“Following my time in Production Development, I continued with Framery part-time alongside my studies in Mechanical Engineering. Just one year later, I moved to work on the Warehouse Management System (WMS), first designing and implementing it and now improving and expanding the system to better fill our requirements of precision and efficiency,” Miikka says about his experience.

Challenging projects, in addition to colleagues, are something that Miikka values in his work here at Framery.

“I was thrilled to join Framery as I knew it was a young, exciting and rapidly growing company, but I didn’t realize until now how much it would give me. I have learned more than I would have ever thought, as I’ve been given more and more challenging projects and responsibilities, alongside an amazing group of colleagues and the best atmosphere.

Work with a meaning

Framery Research Center, Kaguar Works

Johanna Horstia started last summer as a trainee in the Framery Research Center, which is part of the product team at Framery.

There were some ongoing research projects where she could utilize her background in knowledge management, something she was familiar with as part of her studies at Tampere University of Technology. Her expertise and interest were specific to activity-based offices, an area that was also the topic of her thesis.

During her time at Framery, Johanna has had many different projects. “I had different projects when I started, some which were already going on and one that I could plan myself,” she says of her time.

She also points out the possibilities she’s had to work with different teams during her time at Framery.

“Nowadays, my time is divided into different projects with different teams like Marketing, Product Development and being involved in the development of our own work environment.”

The ability to affect the content of her work tasks as well as her team and colleagues are things that Johanna truly values in her experience.

“The best things in my work are meaningful work content, supervisor support and of course the

best colleagues!”

Connect with a variety of teams

Management Accounting

Miska Jurva came to Framery as the Finance Trainee. Echoing some of his fellow trainees’ views, he describes his Framery trainee experience as being very diverse, with the opportunity to work in a variety of teams since he started.

“I started at Framery as a production worker in January of 2016, after which I then spent some time working as a Facility Trainee. My latest and current role has me working in Management Accounting, where I’ve been since 2018.

In Management Accounting, Miska is concentrating on tasks such as developing Framery’s reporting system and internal accounting, which he’s doing while completing his studies in Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University of Technology.

The culture of Framery is something that really stands out for Miska.

“Challenging tasks and a really nice atmosphere are the best things here at Framery. It’s always nice to come to the Framery office, where I have a genuine sense of pride.”

Enthusiastic and rarin’ to go? Our trainee positions are now open for the summer of 2019. Get all the details and learn more here!