While Framery has garnered a reputation for creating workplace happiness through soundproof acoustic pods, we are expanding into new and diverse markets as the need for privacy in all social spaces has become increasingly prevalent.

From university student centers to school libraries, noise pollution has a widespread impact on students, educators, and visitors alike. Given the large amount of disruptions that fill these open spaces, Framery’s research team has been studying the impact of noise and privacy on students within various learning environments. Our team has conducted studies at elementary and middle schools throughout Finland, as well as Hanze University in Groningen, Netherlands. Teachers and students have responded to Framery’s growing product presence in education spaces with positive feedback.

Framery soundproof pods can help schools to create peaceful learning conditions.

Johanna Horstia, Framery’s Work Environment Specialist, is one of the brilliant minds behind our research team and our recent debut in education spaces across the globe. “A big factor that harms the learning process and academic success is noise,” says Johanna. “Students find it very difficult to focus in a loud classroom. When the group sizes are big, the larger groups naturally create more disruption than a smaller one would. From the study of recent neuroscientists’ research, we know that the minds of children and young adults are more sensitive to noise than a fully matured adult brain. Classrooms with indoor acoustics, group work zones, and soundproof pods can help schools to create peaceful learning conditions.”

”Classrooms with indoor acoustics, group work zones, and soundproof pods can help schools to create peaceful learning conditions.”

Framery now works with various schools to solve the need for quiet breakout spaces. For the partnership with Groningen’s Hanze University, the team placed nine acoustic pods in the student atrium––a campus hotspot. Encouraging and supporting focused school work, collaboration, or even just a moment of relaxation, having the pods available has garnered nearly four out of five Hanze University students to report having a positive interaction with the pods.

With a classroom is full of noise, students can hop inside a Framery pod to do for example undisturbed group work.

Johanna adds, “Thanks to the power of soundproofing it is possible for group work to be carried out without disturbing others. And just as equally, if the classroom is full of noise, then students can hop inside a pod to enjoy the quiet. We’ve got wonderful feedback from teachers, too. One teacher I spoke with even mentioned that she has noticed her students generally seem less stressed, after having spent 15 minutes reading inside of a pod.” This expansion into education spaces demonstrates Framery’s ability to meet privacy needs across various environments.

For more information on Framery pods in educational use, download our Framery educational leaflet!