Framery One pods in CDPQ office, London

Case | CDPQ – London, UK

CDPQ’s London office used Framery pods to turn a traditional office space into a hub that caters to both current and future needs of workers.

Global investment group CDPQ’s London office was transformed from a traditional office into a vibrant and sustainable workspace.

The 2022 redesign by Habit Action turned to Framery pods to turn the 22,000 sq ft office space into a people-centric hub that caters to both current and future needs.

Sustainability at the forefront of design

With sustainability at the forefront of the design, most products were sourced locally and within Europe.

To reduce the overall environmental impact of the office, the design team integrated 7 energy efficient Framery One soundproof pods – which are constructed using eco-friendly methods and materials.

The office design promotes creativity and collaboration, featuring recreational areas, outdoor spaces, and high-end dining facilities.

Framery pods help optimize the use of the office space, enhancing productivity and flexibility within the open-plan environment.

Framery Q pod in CDPQ office, London

The London CDPQ offices serve as a stunning example of how thoughtful design can transform a traditional office into a dynamic, sustainable, and people-centric workspace.

And how Framery pods can help foster a sense of community and creativity – making it a model for future office redesigns.

Thoughtful, sustainable, & people-centric design


CDPQ is a global investment group present in all major markets with 434 billion Canadian dollars in assets and offices in nine countries. They invest constructive capital—in private equity, equity markets, private credit, infrastructure and real estate—to create opportunities and position enterprises to succeed.





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