A person using Framery O as a privacy pod for an important phone call.

Case | Intellect Japan – Creating Safe Spaces with Privacy Pods

In Japan, space and privacy come at a premium. But for Aya Nakazawa of Intellect Japan, Framery pods help establish a feeling of intimacy and seclusion – without distractions or concerns about privacy.

Pods Provide Privacy for Wellbeing Services

In Japan, space and privacy come at a premium. That’s why it’s key to find places where you can have moments of solitude in a work environment. And Framery’s soundproof office pods are helping provide privacy throughout the country.

For Aya Nakazawa, who works for Intellect Japan—the Asia–Pacific region’s largest provider of mental wellbeing services, which include professional coaching, counseling, and self-care programs. And this is exactly how Framery pods help her do her job. 

Searching for Privacy in a Coworking Space

Nakazawa’s office is at the CIC Tokyo coworking space, and she uses Framery pods at least five times a week. She finds herself using them for meetings, phone calls, and the weekly sessions with her personal coach that are a part of her on-the-job training. 

And Nakazawa’s coworkers also use the privacy pods, because meeting rooms at CIC Tokyo need to be booked by groups of two or more. But Framery pods are ideal for individuals to use for meetings and calls that need to be private.

Soundproof Pods Offer More Than Just Privacy

Given her company’s focus on mental health, she sometimes needs to discuss clients’ personal matters. So security, safety, and privacy are crucial to her company. 

Because her conversations with her personal coach are meant to be for her alone, having access to a soundproof space is centrally important. And she appreciates the privacy pods’ impressive sound isolation, as well as their lighting and stylish design.

Framery Q being used as a privacy pod for private conversation in an open space.

Pods Contribute to New Ways of Working 

Over the past few years, Nakazawa has seen how work styles have shifted even in conservative Japan, as many companies allow their employees to work from home or other locations. 

And she sees how products like Framery pods can help contribute to this new work style. “Although working from home has become more popular than before, it is just one option when it comes to our work styles. We now can choose where to work and how to work, and there is more opportunity for clients to choose how to meet, thanks to the convenience of online meetings.”

The Problem of Privacy

The importance of privacy is more important now than ever. Nakazawa continues, “Even now, having access to a rich variety of work patterns, we still want to have our private space.”  

Finding privacy has been a challenge for Nakazawa. However, Framery’s soundproof office pods have helped solve the privacy issue she’s faced. “While I enjoy working in a friendly and social community, it is very helpful to have a private space that allows us to switch between ‘privacy,’ ‘work mode’ and ‘casual’ easily. A space like the Framery pods helps to allow us to choose what suits our needs, depending on the situation. They help create private, safe spaces.”

How Privacy Pods Could Help Japan

More places around Japan could use spaces just like these, believes Nakazawa – particularly with the rise in people working outside of the traditional office environment. “Around Tokyo, sometimes I see people working in public spaces, like cafes for example. I can clearly see their computer screens and hear their phone calls. I wish those people could have more private spaces like Framery pods.”

Nakazawa has quickly gotten accustomed to using Framery pods. “If I didn’t have access to them, things would be a lot more inconvenient. I would be without a place where I can talk about anything without hesitation, distractions or concerns about privacy!”

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