Framery Q in s360 office, Helsinki

Case | s360 – Helsinki, Finland

Performance marketing firm s360 is growing at a rapid pace – and Framery pods have helped them save while scaling.

Successful scaling with Framery

Performance marketing experts s360 is growing at a rapid pace – with over 300 digital specialists across nine offices in six countries helping Europe’s top companies through innovative digital strategies.

A Framery customer since 2019, the Europe-based agency has experienced steady growth – now serving all of Europe through offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Framery pods are now a staple in almost every s360 office. A decision that was influenced by quality, design, and the advanced calendar integration features of Framery smart pods.

As s360 expanded its operations, the need for versatile and efficient office solutions became increasingly evident. With a growing team and multiple offices, s360 sought a flexible and privacy-enhancing solution to support its dynamic work environment.

A company who strives to “keep things simple and remove unnecessary complexity,” s360 has turned to Framery to enhance privacy, productivity, and collaboration within the company.

Framery pods in s360 office, Helsinki

“Framery’s build quality, ventilation, and ergonomics won the team over.”

Hermanni Nurila
Managing Director
s360 Finland

In 2019, the s360 Helsinki office purchased a Framery Q, the predecessor to Framery Four, to provide a private space for hybrid meetings and one-to-ones. When the time came to transition to a larger workspace, Framery was the answer. 

In need of additional private space, s360 added two Framery One smart pods to their new space in Helsinki. And thanks to the modular design of Framery Q, they were able to easily relocate and install it in their new office. 

Framery pods in s360 office, Helsinki

“When moving to a new and larger office – Framery was the solution.”

Cost-saving strategy

With the positive experience of the Helsinki office, Framery pods began to pop up in s360 offices everywhere – a decision that was made easy thanks to Framery One’s advanced calendar integration options.

Framery One’s ability to sync seamlessly with the Google Calendar booking system helped s360 save significantly on calendar integration systems.

“I can book a Framery One in any office through our Google calendar.”

Being able to book Framery pods directly from their Google calendar streamlines the reservation process, eliminating the need for separate scheduling platforms or manual coordination.

This integration not only saved time but also ensured that employees could easily reserve private meeting spaces whenever they were needed, without any logistical hassles.

“We saved several thousands in calendar integration costs.”

Support for continued growth

As s360 continues to grow and innovate, Framery pods remain a vital asset in their dedication to employee well-being and productivity. 

The modular design and advanced capabilities of Framery smart pods helps foster a productive and adaptable work environment – and sets a benchmark for modern workplace design and functionality.

“The Framery One is the only go-to-place in the office that can guarantee full privacy.”

The sleek and ergonomic design ensures the pods are utilized daily for various purposes. And the movability feature allows s360 to adapt its office layout to suit changing team dynamics and preferences.

S360 office in Helsinki

“Our office is designed to adapt with our teams – and pod movability allows us to reshuffle things with ease.”

s360 helps clients grow by optimising their digital marketing investments and delivering on all levels – from strategy to execution. They combine marketing, data and technology to create the foundation for making the best possible decisions and thereby create long-term competitive advantages for their clients.




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