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Framery’s innovative design and engineering process helps Framery One Compact deliver exceptional quality, spaciousness, and sustainability at an affordable price.

Framery One Compact is a smart and soundproof one-person office phone booth designed for phone and video calls – a heavy-duty phone booth in a compact design.

A natural progression of design and engineering from Framery O and Framery One, Framery One Compact combines A-Class soundproofing, industry leading ventilation, and video-optimized lighting alongside integrated smart functionalities.

All of this usability and technology fits neatly into a spacious design with improved ergonomics and a compact footprint.

Embracing “more with less”

“More with less” – a philosophy that underpins the design of the Framery One Compact. This design approach has allowed Framery to create a compact office pod that delivers exceptional quality, spaciousness, and sustainability at an affordable price.

“We challenged ourselves to rethink entirely how we build an office pod.” 

Developed by a team of passionate designers and engineers, Framery One Compact sets new standards in the office pod market.

“The need for adaptable, high-quality, and sustainable office solutions has never been more critical,” says Henrik Ashorn – Framery One Compact Product Manager. “Framery One Compact responds to these demands with its sleek design, unbeatable user experience, and advanced technology.”

“We envisioned an innovation-packed smart pod with greater user benefits and improved sustainability – while being more cost-effective than the model it replaces.”

Spaciousness in a compact package

Framery One Compact is the result of a conscious effort to balance the need for comfortable workspace with the demand for compactness. Despite its lightweight structure and modest external dimensions, the Framery One Compact provides an unexpectedly spacious and comfortable interior environment. 

“Our goal was to deliver exceptional value without compromise.” 

This “more with less” achievement maximizes utility within a minimal 1m2 footprint. The pod’s thoughtful design ensures that users can carry out their tasks and meetings in a space that fosters productivity and focus, without sacrificing on comfort or functionality.

High quality at an affordable price point

The new Framery One Compact costs less than the earlier generation of phone booths – such as its predecessor Framery O. Framery One Compact’s affordable pricing strategy ensures that companies of various sizes can profit from this advanced office pod. 

“Framery One Compact is engineered with high-quality and advanced technology while maintaining an affordable price point.”

The new smart pod range benefits from the advantage of scale – as the new production technology used for Framery smart pods enables volumes of mass production with new innovative materials and techniques. 

“Our innovative research and decades of experience enables us to use fewer materials while maintaining high quality. This led us to a more durable design with a lower price point than earlier generations of pods.”

Sustainability at the core

Framery understands the importance of sustainability in modern-day design. Framery One Compact not only excels in terms of functionality but also leads the way in sustainability. This advanced office phone booth is built to last with 100% end of life recyclability – containing 100% certified wood as well as recycled steel, aluminum, glass, and fabric. 

“Built sustainably using a minimal amount of materials – without compromising the pod’s durability, reliability, and attention to detail.”

The lightweight structure, sophisticated engineering, and efficient use of materials make it an environmentally conscious choice. With 23% less material and reduced use of wood, in favor of recycled steel and aluminum, Framery One Compact is significantly lighter than earlier designs. 

As a result, it is also easier to build, easier to ship, and easier to install. And because of its modular design – easily replaceable wear parts based around a steel chassis – the pod will last decades. The outcome is an office pod that can provide its users with a comfortable, high-quality, and productive workspace for years to come.

The smart pod that transforms workspaces

Innovative and forward-thinking, the Framery One Compact goes beyond traditional office pods by incorporating smart technology. Features like adaptive ventilation system, cutting-edge soundproofing, and automated lighting ensure an optimal work environment for video calls, quiet concentration, and overall work efficiency. 

“A sophisticated office phone booth designed for a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience.”

Framery One Compact provides a smooth user experience without unnecessary complexity. An 8-inch, high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to control pod settings, adjust lighting and airflow, and extend calendar reservations.

The pod automatically creates a reservation when a user steps inside, allowing the user to adjust the booking with a single touch. And with the Framery app, every pod and space in the office is easy to find and book directly from your phone.

The smart pod era

Framery One Compact is a revolutionary office pod that combines the principles of “more with less” to perfection. This compact office pod is spacious, sustainable, high-quality, and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Through thoughtful design and innovation, Framery One Compact represents the subtle elegance and functionality that define the Framery design DNA.

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