Shaping the silence since 2010


Big ideas sometimes begin from rather mundane insights. In their previous job, the founders of Framery were constantly being disrupted in their work by their boss talking loudly on his phone in their office. This made it extremely hard to focus on demanding tasks. Realising that they weren’t the only ones suffering from these kinds of distractions, they decided to fix this problem by developing a soundproof phone booth and starting out as entrepreneurs.

After hard work, countless hours of development and tireless rounds of iterations, Framery O was born. Finally, they had the perfect solution to noise pollution in open plan offices and other public spaces. Global demand for this kind of product already existed and the path was finally open for Framery to become the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of soundproof solutions.

Nowadays, you can get Framery’s products anywhere in the world via our retailer network. Yet one thing remains – all our booths are still produced in Finland using high quality materials.