As a Finnish-based company, we know a thing or two about how to live a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life—both in and out of the office. As discovered through extensive research, the 2020 World Happiness Report named Finland the world’s happiest country–and Framery is no exception to the widespread joy that Finns experience.

Living up to our nation’s standard, we take the happiness of our employees and clients very seriously. To achieve this, Framery made its company mission to reflect the country’s values and way of life since its start in 2010. The goal is to make others happier through our business practices, our products, and our people, also known as Framerians.

At their core, Framerians are strong and perseverant individuals. Each employee believes in and trusts our company’s mission, which is then reflected through the innovation and growth that occurs within our walls. Since our roots began in Finland, we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the attributes of Finnish culture:


Finns are known for their “we over me” attitude. By working together and supporting each other, we can achieve more than we ever could by ourselves. Our Finnish Sisu (a kind of inner grit that gets us through anything) is something that each and every employee uses on a day to day basis, both in and out of the office. Everyone has a voice and a channel to influence our culture and ways of working, and this is because our management team values everyone’s opinion and ideas from the bottom to the top. This helps us build trust in one another so that we have a sense of “togetherness” in everything that we do. Framerians are hard-working people who strive to achieve amazing things together. We wouldn’t be as successful if we didn’t have the passionate teamwork and genuine trust we have in one another.


The Finns have a no-nonsense approach to communication and here at Framery we exemplify this by putting transparency first — there is no strong hierarchy, no unnecessary middle management, and no hidden secret processes. To support this policy, we have an internal wiki that contains all information pertaining to the operation of the company. We also have a company-wide coffee break every Wednesday called TGIW (Thank God it’s Wednesday) and it provides a weekly scheduled time for communal discussion, information sharing and question asking. Everyone is made to feel important with a voice that is heard through these processes. Through this transparency we have created a team of people who are inspired to work hard and be innovative. With our innovative nature, we are able to deliver what we promise, we design products that bring happiness to the users.


Finland places emphasis on establishing a work-life balance and so do we. At Framery, we believe that balance is one condition for happiness, so it is extremely important that we encourage employees to do things in their life outside of work. Our happiness starts with allowing each individual to work at the intersection of passion, and purpose, and this means allowing employees to take personal time off to recharge and explore different personal passions. We believe that employee wellbeing results in high performance, and by encouraging a work-life balance our employees are happier and healthier, resulting in greater success and growth on both an individual and company level.

Picture of a framerian Omar

Speaking from experience, Framery Sales Director for Latin America, the Caribbean and Florida, Omar Gonzalez says, “Working with Finnish colleagues has been a great experience. They are very friendly and are always available to help – this goes for all the departments. The Finnish team provides us with excellent tools and technology for optimal performance that makes work more efficient. The result is reflected in the excellence of service we provide to our clients. Teamwork is based on trust and a team that trusts one another will always outperform others. That’s how easy it is to understand Framery’s culture.”

Our culture seeks to motivate each and every employee and we strongly believe that the more united we are as a group, the stronger the company performance and the greater the results.

“Working in a Finnish company is awesome! I get to experience the Finnish culture which is absolutely the opposite of my Indian roots. It’s also great to work with people with different ethics compared to those in the US, where I live at the moment. Framery cares about its employees and supports us, which makes it the best place to work and I am sure that it is because the company is Finnish, tells Reema Tharani, Framery Customer Operations Coordinator.

Picture of a framerian Reema

“Once you’ve broken the ice, Finns are really warm and friendly people. What I like the most is their ironic sense of humor and their constant optimism. Even when they are facing hard times or are very tired, they never complain and always keep smiling and find ways to be positive about things. Which keeps to astonish me when you think about the long dark winters they go through without seeing the sun pretty much for many months! They always see the glass half full when others would see it half empty,” says Céline Fraquelli, Framery Area Sales Manager for France. “I’m also very impressed by their professional attitude and by the fact that they manage to find a good balance between their work life and private life. Which is – I believe – a key factor for happiness,” Céline adds.

“Finns are really warm and friendly people. What I like the most is their ironic sense of humor and their constant optimism.”

Just as Finnish culture encourages individuals to lead a fulfilling life, Framerians live and breathe our company mission—always striving to keep the greater good and wellness of the world in mind while achieving success and growth through teamwork, transparency and balance. We are continuously working towards fulfilling this mission, to bring happiness to our clients and employees, as well as inspire each other to create happier and healthier company cultures.