How to Buy

Connect with our sales team – and our global network of authorized dealers

How to buy Framery pods

We’ve made it easy to get the pods your office needs – and the privacy your office deserves.

1. Request a quote

Submit your contact information and any details about your specific needs – such as the number of pods, customization requests, and your desired timeline.

2. Connect with sales

A member from our dedicated sales team will contact you to learn about your needs and finalize your order – then connect you with your nearest authorized reseller.

3. Order from your local dealer

Your authorized Framery reseller will provide you with a detailed quote – including information about pricing, delivery, installation, and customization options.

5 year warranty for smart pods

Terms and conditions of sale

What happens after your order

We schedule your order for production as soon as it is placed – and stay with you throughout your entire experience as a Framery customer.

Global delivery

With your order in place, we begin production and start planning logistics.

We work with the reseller to define and coordinate shipping – with smooth and timely delivery to wherever you are in the world.

Professional installation

Every Framery pod is installed quickly and efficiently by a team of trained installation professionals.

With additional installation materials and support from our team throughout the entire process.

Activating your smart pod

After purchase, you’ll receive an activation email with steps to activate your Framery smart pod, unlocking ventilation, lighting, occupancy analytics, and other Framery Workplace Technology features, making the pod ready for use.

Over 70% of Forbes Top 100 companies trust Framery

Here’s what customers say about us

People working in Postmates office with one person working in a Framery Q meeting pod.

“The booths have become a safe haven for focused work!”

Annie Wu
Sr. Director of Engagement & Culture • Postmates
Two people having a meeting in a Framery Q meeting pod in Colliers office.

“All my colleagues here love the Framery pods simply because they work so well.”

Nina Breuer
Associate Director • Colliers
Person stepping into a Framery O office phone booth in Datadog offices.

“Framery pods have made our office a happier workplace.”

Pascal Schaary
Business Operations • Datadog
Hospital workers having a private conversation in Framery O office phone booth.

“The pods have helped us to protect the privacy of our employees.”

Anna Hemmi
Nursing Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry • Tampere University Hospital
A person stepping in to Framery 2Q meeting room for a team meeting.

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How much does a Framery pod cost?

You can find the starting net prices for all Framery smart pods on our website at the top of their respective product pages.

Framery smart pods have a lower price point than many competitors – and more cost-effective than the cost of new construction.

Where can I buy a Framery pod?

Framery pods can be purchased from our network of authorized resellers in all major cities throughout the world.

Framery has a dedicated team of over 50 sales professionals across the globe to help get your order secured in a timely manner. 

Contact our sales team to get started with a quote.

How long does it take to deliver Framery pods?

Framery pods are shipped in 6-8 weeks from our factory in Finland – or from one of our strategically-placed logistics hubs in the USA and Singapore.

Framery smart pods are shipped in highly space-efficient packaging that is made from mostly recycled or renewable materials – with minimal reliance on air freight and quick global delivery.

How many Framery pods do I need?

As a rule of thumb, the more noise or ad hoc conversations in the work area, the more pods you need.

We recommend providing one Framery One or Framery One Compact for every 10 employees, one Framery Four for every 20 employees, and one Framery Six for every 30 employees.

Are Framery pods better than other pods?

Framery smart pods are advanced, sustainable, and beautifully-designed soundproof pods that provide far more functionality than similarly priced competitor products.

Smart pods also offer benefits such as improved efficiency, better space utilization, and lower operational costs over time. The increased productivity and flexibility provided by smart pods results in a higher return on investment for businesses.

Where are Framery pods made?

Every Framery pod is made to order and assembled in our factory in Tampere, Finland – or at one of our logistic hubs in the USA and Singapore.

Framery workplace technology


Check availability and book spaces in advance or on-the-fly directly from your phone.

A phone showing Framery App on its screen.

Framery Office Sound Masking System™

Improve ambience, reduce distractions, and enhance speech privacy for a more productive environment.

A zoomed in image of Framery Four pod.

Framery Connect Sensor™

Analyze occupancy data and gain comprehensive insights into how your entire office is used.

Framery Connect Sensor on a wall.

Framery Connect™

Make workplace management decisions based on data.

Get real-time occupancy data of your smart pods and connected spaces and improve the layout and efficiency of your workspace.

A computer screen showing Framery Connect's analytics data.