While no one could have predicted the events that took place in 2020, we can now reflect on this year and learn from the challenges we have faced as a collective society. At Framery, we know that business resilience is one of the most important components to a company, and this pandemic re-affirmed that. Framery’s CEO and Founder, Samu Hällfors, has found that in order to navigate obstacles like the one we are currently facing, you must be determined to maintain team spirit, try new tools to help business run smoothly, and be transparent through consistent communication to keep employees on the same page. While working remotely, Hällfors was (and continues to be) determined to ensure all Framerians feel like they are a part of a team.

“It was our goal from the start to make people feel like they belong.”

“Prior to the pandemic, Framery would have in-person meetings and events throughout the year that would bring our global teams together,” says Hällfors. “We wanted, and needed, to keep this feeling of togetherness, even while we were away from each other. It was our goal from the start to make people feel like they belong.”

Transparent communication

When people first left the office in March, Hällfors held weekly virtual conference calls with the entire Framery staff. By doing so, all Framerians were given the opportunity to discuss challenges they were facing while working remotely. They then worked together to put solutions in place for each obstacle. The meetings created a sense of togetherness and made them feel unified despite being apart from one another. This weekly staff meeting is still being held and has become  a permanent custom for the whole company.

Maintain team spirit

Maintaining team spirit is extremely important to Framery but given that employees work across four different continents and a variety of time zones, a full team conference call isn’t always feasible. As a result, Framery’s management team created an online production studio to support business strategy and plans for the future. Employees are encouraged to bring up business topics they’d like to know more about and, together with Framery’s in-house production wizards, the management team produces a video on the topic to be shared with the entire company. The videos allow messaging to be communicated in the same way to everyone, regardless of time zone, and are accessible at any time. Through these videos, Framerians feel more involved in the company and everyone has access to both important and fun information at all times.

Research and develop

While keeping the Framery spirit alive internally, the team also continued to spread happiness externally and maintain business as usual. With a slight decrease in demand given the worldwide transition to remote work, Framery used this time on research and development initiatives, to impact the company’s bottom-line in the long term.  “We don’t view the crisis as a time for rest just since the volumes are down. We are using this time to grow, giving us a competitive advantage,” says Hällfors. Investing more time in research and development, Framery has gained a deeper understanding for the evolving needs of the workplace.

“We are using this time to grow, giving us a competitive advantage.”

This year presented an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Framery is continuing to find new ways to support all of our employees as a company, but also from colleague to colleague –  for example, our sales team shared their insights and tips on how any team can thrive even in exceptional times like we’ve had. Our team is investing in product development to stay competitive with technology and looking to improve customer service. As we look towards 2021, we will take all the lessons learned from 2020 and continue to apply it to Framey to ensure we continue on our mission to create happiness.