Soundproof office phone booths are becoming a standard solution to tackle noise problems in leading technology companies. One example is Microsoft that is known for rethinking the engineer workspace. Microsoft is a repeat customer of Framery, the Finnish manufacturer of soundproof privacy spaces for open offices.

“The feedback from users has been very positive. In fact, we plan to replace one-third of traditional phone rooms with Framery booths in three new buildings in our headquarter campus in Seattle,” says Riku Pentikäinen, Director, Global Workplace Strategies at Microsoft. According to Pentikäinen, the advantages of Framery booths compared to fixed rooms include lower cost and movability.
“Technology companies are leaders in developing innovative, human-centric workspaces. They need to keep their talents happy,” says Samu Hällfors, co-founder of Framery. Framery’s public references include Microsoft, Uber, Cloudera, and Atlassian.
Framery’s award-winning phone booths and meeting pods are manufactured in Finland and exported globally. Framery is growing fast – the company’s revenue increased from 5 million euros in 2015 to 18 million in 2016.

“We made 2800 phone booths in 2016, and the goal for 2017 is 8000 booths. We plan to hire 100 new colleagues this year,” Hällfors says. Currently, Framery has 70 staff members.

According to a recent study by Oxford Economics, 53 percent of office employees say ambient noise reduces their satisfaction and productivity. Only 18 of them say their management has taken steps to solve the noise issues.

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Jussi Laitinen
Head of Communications and Marketing

Framery in brief
Framery is a pioneer in soundproof phone booths and meeting pods for open-plan offices. With carefully designed details, Framery’s products can solve noise and privacy issues of modern offices. Silent workspaces increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Framery’s clients include dozens of world’s leading brands, including Uber, Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte and PWC.