Black Framery Q meeting pod inside an office, next to a meeting table.
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The soundproof meeting pod for 1-4 people

Office workers having a conversation next to a Framery Q meeting pod, in which people are working.

The soundproof meeting pod

A soundproof space to meet together at the office

This soundproof meeting pod is ideal for face-to-face or hybrid meetings, brainstorming sessions, and important conversations in private without disturbing the office – or the office disturbing you.

Made to Bring You Together

Meet together in privacy

Whether you’re having a meeting or having a conversation, Framery Q brings people together in the office.

World-Class Soundproofing

Speak freely without disturbing others

With a speech level reduction of 29dB, Framery Q limits the amount of noise penetrating the pod from both directions.

Automatic Ventilation

Breathe easier – stay longer

The air in Framery Q stays fresh with a total airflow over 66 l/s – and the air is circulated before, during, and after the pod is used.

Exceptional Acoustics

Industry-leading sound isolation

Effective sound absorption inside the meeting pod means that users meet and speak together in an echo-free environment.

Man working inside a Framery Q in an open plan office.

It’s more than just a soundproof meeting pod – it’s a perfect place to huddle and work

Unparalleled Speech Privacy

Place your pods directly next to work stations without worrying about being overheard.

Quality Engineering

Framery Q is built from durable, sustainable materials that stand the test of time.

Award-Winning Design

Timeless design and ergonomics make
Framery Q as functional as it is stylish.

Framery Q quick specs

A versatile meeting pod with a small office footprint

  • Speech level reduction of 29dB
  • Total airflow 66 l/s, 140 CFM (237,6 m³/h)
  • 4000K / 300 lux LED lighting
  • Floor space: 220 cm (W) × 120 cm (D) // 86.6 in (W) × 47.2 in (D)
Blue colored Framery Q meeting pod in a Meeting Maggie layout.

Design your pod your way

Design your Framery Q to work for you

A variety of colors, finishings, and layouts are available so you can truly make your pod your own.

Choose your layout

Framery Q comes in a variety of versatile arrangements.
And every layout is available in a range of exterior colors.

Black colored Framery Q meeting pod with a meeting maggie layout.

Framery Q Meeting Maggie

  • Two sofa options
  • Turnable table
  • Premium upgrades optional
  • LED lighting
Blush colored Framery Q meeting pod with a Flow layout.

Framery Q Flow

  • Adjustable electric table
  • Space for 2 chairs or stools
  • Two power outlets
  • LED lighting

Framery Q Flip N’ Fold

A fully wheelchair accessible meeting pod that provides privacy for all.

  • Automatic door openers
  • Folding table & chairs
  • Low doorstep
  • Meets ADA Accessibility Standards
Framery Q Flip'n'Fold accessible meeting pod with foldable chairs and table.


Big enough to seat 4 comfortably – yet compact enough to
fit almost anywhere.


Motion sensors activate the lights and ventilation so you can get right down to business.


The optional movability kit makes it easy to relocate Framery Q within your space – and take it with you to the next one.

“The pods are well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing, and – most importantly – they’re soundproof.”

Pascal Schaary
VP of Business Operations

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