Our philosophy

We Framerians care for the environment. That is why we work very hard to improve our production processes and corporate culture. In our everyday work, we strive to make the most environmentally and climate-responsible choices possible. Here’s our environmental policy and some concrete examples on how we make Framery more sustainable.

Energy efficiency

We have installed automatic motion sensor lights into our toilets. And we did the same with our pods by applying specially-designed, automatically-adjusting LED lamps and ventilation systems into them. Framery O conforms to Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC. In fact, it consumes 4,82 W of electricity when in use, and 0,78 W when not in use. Likewise, Framery Q consumes just under 12 W and after leaving the pod, consumption drops 75% to around 2,16 W. So, ten O’s take almost as much energy as one 60 W light bulb. Charging your mobile phone takes more.

Recycled premium felts

We believe that there is no need to produce more plastic when our planet is full of it, laying all around us, useless. So, we recycle all possible packaging materials. We also build all of our pods using felt that is made from 60-70% recycled plastics; Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Polyethersulfone (PES) from old plastic bottles to be precise.

Safe acoustic foam

To be the best, you need have the best materials. That is why we use only the highest quality acoustic foam in our pods. It is made of 60% recycled, heat-bound polyester fibers, and has been granted with the M1 Emission Classification. On top of this, our chosen foam has been acknowledged by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation since it does not absorb humidity or provide breeding ground for nasty microbes. The felt is dust-free and does not irritate skin or lungs, or release harmful particles into indoor air – how great is that?

Environmentally efficient birch plywood

We love our local nature and trees. The structural elements of our pods that we make from our trees are strong and very durable; this is a renewable material and obviously close to our hearts. And it smells great! That is why we prefer to use birch plywood from either Finland, Scandinavia or the Baltic States. All of our wood material suppliers have PEFC™ and FSC® certificates. Moreover, we are determined to continuously improve our wood component sourcing by choosing the most carbon neutral way to cut our emissions from transportation.

Soundproof glass and steel panels

This planet’s resources are limited and so we treat them responsibly. Whenever we source for product materials, we seek sustainability. That is why we use laminated safety glass, with specially made structure for soundproofing, that is 15% recycled during the glass manufacturing process. The majority of it is sourced close to home, from Germany. All of our aluminum and steel parts are recycled in the initial manufacturing processes. Silent and sustainable. We would not have it any other way.


Sustainable transportation of materials

Like a healthy youngster should, Framery is growing at a rapid speed. But we want to keep our carbon footprint small. Therefore, we have committed to sustainable transportation of materials. All our components are sourced from the Eurozone, mostly close to home from Northern Europe to be exact. Because of this, our greenhouse gases (GHG) are cut quite nicely thanks to the reduced kilometers our products need to travel.