Mikko Lanne, Product Designer 2Q

This time we will go deeper into the creative design process of the Framery products and thus we’re introducing you to one of our talented product designers. Get to know Mikko Lanne.

He’s the inspirational and experimental Product Designer at Framery, leading the design elements of Framery products from physical appearance to all the intricate details that bring its award-winning products to reality, including the Framery 2Q.

As a vital part of the Framery team since early 2017, Mikko has been responsible for the 2Q’s beautiful and innovative meeting space design. And he knows that it’s all the little things that can make the bigger difference.

“We have to make sure that our product family comes together as a whole,” he says.

“It’s my role is to make sure that all of the details are in sync with our products, from design and consistency. Even the tiniest details, like the seams of the product have to be perfect.”

He describes the design process as dynamic, combined with some creative thinking and passionate employees who take pride in what Framery is putting out as the end product. In saying that, he notes the best innovations can emerge suddenly in a project like the 2Q.

He recalls one breakthrough moment, in particular, early on.

“Some of our people simply decided one evening to put two of our Framery Q pods together to create a bigger place and thought this could really become something great.”

This was just the beginning, and hence the name 2Q.

“The 2Q is the piece of our evolving and innovative Framery puzzle that unites our Framery product family and it’s a solution for the needs of bigger meetings,” he says.

And while the best innovations can come unexpectedly, as did the idea of the 2Q, Mikko still describes the design process to typically start from a range of technical practicalities.

“First, we need to understand all the technical solutions, including how everything would potentially be built. Only after that do we bring in the roles of the designers. Combining the two, it’s my responsibility to ensure that everything has an aesthetically premium look and feel from the outside.”

Clearly, Mikko emphasizes the importance of having a seamless cooperation with the mechanics and the design when concepting and designing new products.

When it comes to Mikko’s own fulfillment and inspiration in his day-to-day work, he points to his own team’s passionate spirit and quality co-operation as the source.

One of the biggest rewards for him is to take ideas and innovations to the point that they become real products. This is truly the source of happiness in projects like the 2Q for creative designers.

“There are a lot of creative and inspirational ideas, but the reality is that not all of them can become reality.”