Now that social distancing and working in extraordinary circumstances have become the new norm, it might be hard to feel energetic, creative and productive during the work days. You might not be able to connect with your colleagues like you’ve been used to as all social connections have been put on hold at a moments notice. Working from home for extended periods of time might make finding the balance between work and free time even harder when you don’t change your physical location at all during the day.

At Framery we have studied worklife happiness for almost a decade and found out that there are few tips and tricks how you can feel more productive, creative, inspired and connected to your coworkers – and these tips apply now even more than ever.

  • Organisational Transparency: We actively practice transparency in our work and organisation, which has led our company to be composed of creative teams who are inspired to innovate. We believe that transparency should come first, which means no strong hierarchy, no unnecessary middle management, and no hidden design-making. This invites every team member to share their ideas, whether it be ways to improve Framery products, company culture, or other business initiatives. Transparency shouldn’t come at the cost of remote work. Even if our teams are working remotely and don’t have physical access to their colleagues, conference rooms, or “water cooler” conversations, we are still connected virtually as a team and practicing strong communication company wide. Instant messaging and videoconferencing tools make it easier to check in with coworkers and provide updates on work being completed.
  • Find the Environment that Works for You: Individuals tend to categorize themselves as one specific type of worker, when in fact, we operate in different ways as employees, depending on the task at hand. This is often because when assessing what type of office environment would best fit them, individuals seek out support for their primary way of working—they don’t account for the many other ways of working throughout the day, such as moments of deep individual focus and open group brainstorms. People must take a more holistic approach to their working environment in order to achieve maximum productivity. We also recommend that you never hesitate to personalize your space! Personal mementos, colorful accessories, and customized organization tools are always a nice touch.
  • Organize Yourself and Your Teams: We believe one of the biggest causes of burnout is the lack of control individuals might have over their own workload. It’s important to organize your tasks for each day, as well as outline what needs to get accomplished for your team. Encouraging all employees to have a dedicated space, whether it be at home or in the office, is another way to optimize the ability for employees to manage and be managed by visually communicating deliverables.
  • Don’t Forget to Take Breaks: At Framery, we believe that balance is one condition for happiness, so it is extremely important that we encourage employees to do things in their life outside of work. This rings true for both employees that work in or out of the office. With this in mind, we like to remind our employees that it is important to take breaks during the day. Whether it be going for a walk, listening to music, or chatting with a friend, giving your mind a moment to relax and take a break will ensure your levels of productivity don’t wither away throughout the day.