Studies show that time away from work is critical to an employee’s well-being and ensures a healthier work-life balance. Individuals who take time off of work for a vacation or even to just reset, often feel happier, healthier, and are more likely to be productive, motivated and engaged at work when they return.

Here at Framery we believe employee well-being and happiness is of utmost importance—it is at the root of our mission. By offering a flexible work model, we urge Framerians to take days off whenever they need it, year-round. Framery’s People and Culture team is responsible for supporting the organization, the culture and its people. Valentina Trifoglio is a Business Partner within the People and Culture team, and she works closely with the company’s different departments to ensure Framerians’ well-being. Amongst other things, she encourages employees to take time off throughout the year to enhance well-being and work-life balance, because fatigue and burnout can majorly impact overall well-being and happiness as well as decrease engagement and productivity.

It is our belief that the better we feel as a group, and as individuals, the better we will perform and produce results as a company. With that said, we cannot perform at our highest level if we are not the  best versions of ourselves––and this requires a well-balanced life, including enough time for recovery from stressors, both day-to-day and on longer vacations.

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Valentina suggests, “everyone needs a break from work from time-to-time to unwind, recover, relax and relieve stress. Work is important and a big part of our lives, but it is only one part. There’s much more to life than work and it’s important to be able to prioritize personal time and life outside of work.”

So how can you truly unwind and relax during your vacation time? Well, Valentina has a few tips to share:

  • Disconnect from all work-related communication and devices, like email and chats. Have trust that your team will handle any issues that arise.
  • Listen to your own needs and focus on them during your time off. Be mindful of the things that energize you, increase your personal well-being and make you feel happy.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to check things off of your list during your time off, really take the time to relax. If you want to use the time to be productive and check things off of your to-do list, do so, but make sure that you don’t let it overwhelm you.
  • Take a day or two to completely unplug from technology, because your brain needs a break! The continuous ringing from our phones and social media can disrupt our ability to concentrate and fatigues our brain–– so shut it down and let your mind rest.
  • Treat yourself with compassion when you get back into the office. It might take a day or two to get back into your routine, so don’t kick yourself if you take some time to get your productivity back.

Everyone is entitled to a restful break where they can recenter without distraction. Vacation is a great time for self-reflection, when you let your mind unwind, you can increase creativity and curiosity and upon returning to the office, see your work in a different light. And while we emphasize the importance of vacation time, we also find it to be highly necessary to take care of yourself and unwind during the work week (since vacations are just short periods of time and we can’t expect to only reset during time off). To do this, we encourage Framerians to do things they enjoy, not only before and after, but even during the workday. Doing small things you enjoy every day, whether it is going on a walk or reading a book, will help you feel restored on a daily basis.

Taking time off is important for yourself and your work. A restful vacation increases overall employee well-being, happiness and productivity, and that’s why at Framery we not only support time off, but we’re serious about it––because we’re serious about happiness!