Case | Varjo – Using cutting-edge technology to design Framery pods

Turning to technology to improve Framery pods At Framery, we love to find new ways to integrate new and exciting technology into our design and engineering process. That’s why we…

Turning to technology to improve Framery pods

At Framery, we love to find new ways to integrate new and exciting technology into our design and engineering process.

That’s why we partnered up with Varjo Technologies – the makers of the most advanced augmented, virtual and mixed reality headsets for professionals – to streamline our design process.

Thanks to the amazing capabilities of Varjo’s advanced Extended Reality technology, we pioneered a groundbreaking digital twin workflow that enabled rapidly iterative design on our Framery One in XR.  

As a result, we eliminated the need for multiple rounds of expensive and inefficient physical prototyping. And ended up saving time, and valuable raw materials from being wasted. Previously, we relied on traditional methods, including a combination of paper mockups and custom-made physical parts to ensure the quality of the final product pre-production. 

Varjo Technologies – on a mission to redefine reality

Varjo is a Virtual Reality / Extended Reality company based in Helsinki, Finland.

The team of developers and designers at Varjo are working to change computing by merging virtual, augmented and traditional realities. 

The Varjo R&D team produces the world’s most advanced virtual and mixed reality hardware, software, and services that are now a symbol of the highest quality across the industry. 

Varjo products are used to train astronauts at Boeing, design vehicles at Aston Martin, and most recently to develop Framery One.

How XR technology helped design Framery One

We revolutionized the workplace with Framery One – the world’s first connected pod.

Framery One is jam-packed with cutting-edge technology that makes the working day better. So naturally, we wanted to explore new technologies in design to help us better understand how users experience our product.

The traditional design process is slow and expensive. Because paper mockups and physical prototypes can take between 2-4 weeks between iterations, an an expensive bottleneck occurs in the effort to develop new products. 

With Varjo’s technology, the Framery design team was able to create rapid prototypes in XR. This allowed the team to streamline the entire process by saving time and money, and keeping valuable raw materials from being wasted.

“Varjo gives you an XR perspective that you just cannot get with a traditional computer screen.”


Designing with AR/XR technology allowed us to:

  • Reduce the product design cycle by an entire month
  • Bypass an entire round of physical prototyping

Framery and the future of work

The way people work around the world is constantly changing. 

As the way people work continues to change around the world, we are constantly looking to change the way we work at Framery – and technology plays a huge role in that change. We are leading the shift towards the future of work by integrating new technologies into our products, and into workplaces everywhere — starting with Framery One and Framery Connect.

Leading that change is Arto Vahvanen, Framery’s head of Digital Offerings & Services. “Framery continues shaping the way people work by enhancing our physical products with digital experiences and by openly exploring new opportunities beyond what we can imagine today,” says Vahvanen.

It’s clear that technology will play a huge role in how things get done in the future. Because the way we work is constantly changing, the tools we work with must change as well. We love integrating innovative new technology into our products – and into workplaces everywhere.

“Framery continues shaping the way people work by exploring beyond what we can imagine today.”

Head of Digital Offerings & Services @ Frame ry

Technology and the future of Framery

We are constantly looking to change the way we work at Framery.

Technology will not only play a huge role in the office of the future — but at Framery as well. That’s why we have committed ourselves to discovering, developing, and integrating new digital technologies that will forever change the way the world works.We are building a team of developers and software engineers from the ground up who are dedicated to exploring and developing the future of work. Because we may not be able to predict exactly what the future holds – but we can take part in shaping it.

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