In the picture from far left: Lasse Karvinen (Head of Sales, Framery), Samu Hällfors (CEO, Framery), Jari-Pekka Jokio (Head of Sales, Isku), Arto Tiitinen (CEO, Isku).

Framery, the global market leader of sound insulated office phone booths and meeting pods has signed a collaboration deal with Isku, the Finnish manufacturer focused on high-quality furniture. The aim for the dealis to produce happy workplaces by offering the best solutions available for the use of both, offices and their employees.

”The collaboration with Isku fascinates us especially, since Framery and Isku both share the same values. Human-centric thinking and responsiblity for happy workplaces and success – not only as employers, but as enablers of happier offices together with our customers. Manufacturing products here in Finland is in of both of our brands’ DNA, something that initiated the whole conversation around this agreement. Finland is now one of the top countries in redeveloping working environments and it is inspiring to begin working together with the real pioneers”, Framery CEO and Founder Samu Hällfors states.

”Framery, the Finnish world-class market leader, as our partner will make future growth and internationalization possible, while also bringing more jobs to Finland. We want to serve our customers with one-stop-shop principle, in which we take care of their facilities holistically from the very first moments to the final completion of the projects as well. Both of our companies’ stories, values and product offers fit well together with each other, and as a duo we can serve our customers with the best and fastest way possible”, says Isku CEO Arto Tiitinen.

The collaboration news come after a phenomenal year for Framery. In 2017 Framery grew from 18 million EUR revenue to around 40 million, doubling its figures. Framery has announced to aim for 200 million EUR revenue by 2020. The agreement with Isku entails further growth and more exciting things for the upcoming year.


Samu Hällfors

CEO, Founder

Arto Tiitinen
CEO, Isku-Yhtymä Oy
+358 400 566875



Happiness creates success, Framery creates Happiness. Framery is a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing and developing soundproof private spaces that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces. Framery was founded in 2010, and its products solve noise and privacy issues in dozens of the world’s leading brands’ offices, including SAP, Deloitte and PWC.