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Can soundproof pods replace office dividers and partitions?

Office dividers, partitions and cubicles are no longer …

Working in an open office can occasionally be challenging with all the background noise and distracting phone calls. To tackle this challenge, the market is nowadays full of different kinds of office dividers and partitions. However, they often leave much to be desired when it comes to better noise reduction and improved privacy in the midst of the busy office. 

The age-old phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” might be correct in some cases. Not in an office, however. Just hiding from your co-workers and their sounds behind a divider may keep them out of your field of vision. Unfortunately, the sounds and distractions of a modern office environment are still there. That is why a simple office divider is not enough.

What is the purpose of office dividers?

Generally, office dividers (or office partitions) have been the go-to solution for solving a problem many companies face: How to accommodate all workers in an office without dedicating a separate room for everyone? Many who have worked in a large open office (or watched movies from the 90s) are familiar with the end result – rows upon rows of cubicles with office dividers separating employees from one another.

However, the post-lockdown office has changed the way we work for good. Nowadays, everyday work involves situations where half of the team is working remotely and seem to be mere faces on the screen. Some companies want their people back in the offices, but according to survey data, employees’ privacy requirements are even higher than before. 

To meet these demands and increase work satisfaction, employers must rearrange open offices and create designated quiet spaces. Although traditional office dividers may contribute to visual privacy, you definitely need more to avoid noises coming through the thin divider walls. Soundproof office pods are not simply an alternative to office dividers. Instead, they do everything an office divider can, and so much more. 

Framery Q Office Pods as office dividers in an open-plan office

How to divide the office?

Soundproof pods are not just an alternative for office dividers, they are an irreplaceable necessity in today’s modern and flexible office surroundings. Booths and pods of different sizes can be used to create zones that emphasize the varying needs of everyday tasks. When rearranging the office and placing the pods, it is important to consider available free space, the number of employees and the type of work. To cater to the needs of office workers and their various tasks, the office should be divided into zones with their own functions, such as individual focus areas, a creative activity zone, and some space for collaboration.

Framery’s sound- and futureproof pods help to bring performance and productivity to the next level. The Framery Q office pod is an optimal place for meetings, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one conversations, and video conferences with up to four participants. Sometimes a small pod for small and intimate huddles is not enough. Then, a full-sized meeting room, such as the Framery 2Q pod is the way to go. With enough room for 4-6 persons and a display screen on the interior wall, 2Q is perfect for teamwork and collaboration. 

Office partitions vs. Framery office pods

Compared to a simple office divider, an office pod is a comprehensive solution: it is a personal place of privacy in the midst of a busy office environment. Office pods areIt’s more than just furniture, as theyit enables people to connect and co-create regardless of physical location. Office dividers and partitions, on the other hand, offer very little when it comes to soundproofing, technological features, and versatility. The unique benefits of Framery office pods include:

  • Soundproofing – first things first, noise-insulating pods are the most effective solution for lively open offices full of chatter and distractions. 
  • Well-being – pods contribute to employees’ productivity, creativity, performance, and efficiency to a broader extent than a simple office divider.
  • Flexibility – office pods are easy to locate where they are needed the most and no permanent walls need to be set up. Although office dividers are easy to move, they lack both comprehensive sound insulation and technology.
  • Technology –  Framery pods are equipped with automatic lighting, ventilation, touchpads, 4G technology, and superb acoustics.
  • Sustainability – Framery is a sustainable alternative to office reconstruction. There’s no need to buy new equipment every year, Framery pods are eco-efficient, have a long service life, and are certified by the Global Reporting Initiative. 
  • Multifunctionality – office partitions and dividers split tasks into areas, whereas office pods provide numerous new opportunities for the task, such as having private phone calls, brainstorming with colleagues, or just having a breather in the middle of the workday. 

Office pods are a cost-efficient alternative to office space reconstruction

For a long time, the only viable alternative to office dividers was setting up walls to create new meeting rooms in the office. With compact and multifunctional office pods, transforming the office and its layout to meet the varying needs of people and tasks is simple, and most importantly, cost-efficient. 

In a recent study, Framery cooperated with commercial real estate companies and discovered that small meeting rooms can be almost 50% more expensive than our pods. On top of that, office pods enable companies to futureproof their office spaces by removing the need for large reconstruction projects. Most importantly, office pods can be moved and relocated, whereas fixed meeting rooms can not.

The life cycle cost of soundproof office pods beats that of office reconstruction hands down. When moving to a new office space, there is often the need to construct new meeting rooms and spaces to accommodate employees’ needs. Office pods, on the other, can be reused in the new location, thus avoiding expensive reconstruction projects.

The tenants of office space must also consider the price that running an office entails. Especially in large cities, the price of used space for every square meter can be staggeringly high. Meanwhile, the prices in many business districts of large cities have only gone up. This is where Framery’s office pods beat the standard solution, once again. When most meetings are held between just a few people, a more compact solution is much more cost-effective than an entire meeting room. A separate room for meetings can require three or four more times more space, and possibly reconstruction of the office space.

True privacy and focus with an office pod

Framery’s soundproof office pods are the perfect alternative for flimsy office dividers or expensive reconstruction projects. From single-person booths to small meeting spaces enough to fit multiple people, Framery’s family of office pods helps you transform your office as well as improve employees’ productivity and work satisfaction. By choosing Framery you invest in your people, the engines of your company.




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