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A Huddle Room Brings Colleagues Together in the Hybrid Workplace

A compact huddle room is a convenient and versatile alternative to large conference rooms. Gather together in a Framery huddle room.

An office job is not simply solitary work in your personal cubicle, isolated from coworkers. Nowadays, as more and more people value collaboration and intimate brainstorming with their colleagues, a space dedicated for huddling up with others is an invaluable part of every office. A small meeting room and other spaces big enough for a handful of people are perfect for this purpose. 

Because of their value for close collaboration between coworkers, so-called huddle rooms have become all the more popular in recent years, especially after the isolation many office workers experienced during the global pandemic. A well-functioning office should also provide workers with meeting spaces that allow remote team members to attend as well.

What is a huddle room?

Huddle rooms differ from traditional meeting spaces and conference rooms in that they are equipped to accommodate only a handful of people. However, a huddle space is not simply a small meeting room. To get the most out of a huddle room, it should also be equipped with the necessary equipment and technology for hybrid meetings where some of the participants are attending remotely. 

Many offices use huddle rooms as an affordable alternative to expensive office reconstruction projects. Huddle rooms save more than just money, as they are a great way to optimize the way the office’s limited space is used. 

People in a hybrid meeting.

Despite remote work and hybrid meetings being now a part of everyday life in a modern office, the basic human need for interaction and close collaboration has not gone anywhere. That is why each office should offer the necessary spaces to gather around the same table with colleagues. A huddle room is a convenient solution for this as it is great for both ad hoc brainstorming sessions as well as scheduled meetings. A well-built, spacious huddle room is also soundproof and equipped with sufficient lighting and ventilation that make even longer meetings possible. By customizing the space, it can be optimized for the needs of the team that uses it the most.

Why should every office have a huddle space?

The reign of traditional conference rooms is over. Based on a study conducted in Finland, 78% of meetings today are held between four people or less. Meanwhile, large conference rooms that are big enough to fit 9-15 people are used only by a few people, or just an individual user, at a time. This is far from effective use of space and office resources. 

The mismatch between the number of people in a meeting and the space they occupy creates a challenge that can be solved with good planning of the office. To answer this issue, offices should provide meeting rooms for both larger groups and smaller huddles, in addition to spaces for individual users.

This is where Framery office pods and huddle rooms show their versatility and usefulness. Framery provides both small one-person office pods, such as the Framery One, as well as larger spaces that make for the perfect huddle room for a small group of colleagues. With innovative technological solutions, Framery’s huddle rooms enable both in-person meetings between 4-6 people and hybrid meetings with people attending remotely. This is why they are the perfect alternative to large meeting rooms that eat up space and, in the end, are used only by a few people at a time.

Huddle up in a Framery office pod

Take your hybrid meetings to a whole new level with the Framery 2Q Huddle. The 2Q huddle room is equipped with enough room to fit up to six people, comfortable sofas, a table, and compatibility with a video conferencing setup. Framery has teamed up with Logitech to bring you the ultimate video conferencing experience with hand-picked equipment, including a video screen, camera, and touch-controlled pad to manage meetings. Read how to turn your Framery 2Q into the perfect space for video meetings.

In addition to compact huddle rooms, every office should be equipped with smaller spaces for focused work. Such office pods are also perfect for urgent phone calls, remote meetings, and focus-intensive work where no distractions are allowed to break the flow. The Framery One and Framery O soundproof office pods are just the right solutions for this. With superior sound insulation, adjustable lighting, and compatibility with the office calendar system, Framery office pods are a great companion to slightly larger huddle rooms. 

Make sure to provide enough huddle rooms for small teams and individual office pods to fit a single employee. With multiple Framery pods and huddle rooms, some can be made bookable with the workplace’s calendar system while others are reserved for quick calls and ad hoc meetings.

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