Gus Gus the Icelandinc Sheepdog

@ Vancouver, Canada

This is GusGus.
He is an Icelandic Sheep dog.
He is the best perk an office can have.
He likes to cuddle, and to get pets and to review editorial cuts for notes before they go out clients/producers (his notes are always the same though… more snacks!).

That being said – Gus has a LOUD bark…

We explained the rules of the contest to him and he really wants to go to Finland and become a Framery dog (much to our dismay). Ever since we told him about Finland he wouldn't stop barking about it… he's been showing up at our office every day with a new set of pamphlets and brochures depicting all the things he'd go see and do (and pee on) if he moved there. He's been leaving recipes for Karelian stew under our door and he's started watching old recordings of the Eurovision to howl in tune… That being said he refuses to file any and all the paperwork required in order to get his passport and we explained that he'd have to say goodbye to his mom and dad… So… we're negotiating…

In the meantime though – a place to take meetings and calls that wont be inodiated with constant yapping, barking and winning and Eurovision background music (and howls) would be nice… right Gus Gus? (also, not hearing video editors cutting movies in the background while on zoom calls would be nice too!)

P.S. Gus' got your back Bobby! He knows you're might be a "Yucky Boy" but if your owner is willing to trade you in for a pod – we've got you covered… just holler! 😉

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