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There are hundreds of ways Framery Pods can be used to improve office workflow. Discovery Norway just added sports commentary to that list.

There are hundreds of ways Framery Pods can be used to improve office workflow. Discovery Norway just added sports commentary to that list.

Why Discovery Norway used Framery Pods for their Winter Olympics Commentary

When Discovery Norway first started using Framery Pods in their office, Sports Director Morten Johannessen discovered the perfect place to talk about sports. 

Discovery Norway’s coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics provides both informative and entertaining sports commentary for Norwegian audiences. But finding a suitable place to record and deliver the message can sometimes present a problem.

Soundproofing and Ventilation are Key to Successful Commentary

Delivering quality commentary requires superior soundproofing in Norway, as Norwegians are incredibly passionate about their winter sports. Acoustic isolation is crucial to allow commentators to focus on the energy and excitement of the game, without worrying about interrupting – or being interrupted by – the space around them.

”Framery’s excellent soundproofing and ventilation let the commentators do the job to their best potential.”

With sports commentary being so heated, temperatures can rise quickly. It’s not uncommon for temperatures in small spaces to reach upwards of 100°F (40°C). So it is important to have world-class ventilation to keep both body and air temperatures down. As temperatures rise, it is easy for the commentators to start losing concentration and focus.

“Framery pods did not disappoint.”

Thanks to Johannessen’s decision, Norwegian sports fans everywhere were able to celebrate the success of their homeland and hear the commentary loud and clear.

A Conscious Shift Towards Agile Working

Even before the pandemic hit, Discovery Norway decided to restructure their office to be more suitable towards agile and hybrid working. Norway is one of Discovery’s strongest markets- which means lots of very busy people in a very busy office.

“Framery was a perfect match for our company.”

Like most offices, work was limited to fixed desks and large, old-fashioned conference rooms. But with their decision to shift, workers would now have shared seating, shared desks, and modernized meeting structures. Framery pods provided solutions for this new type of work that featured more ad-hoc meetings and phone calls than ever before.

Ad-hoc phone call in a Framery Q meeting pod.

“We’re an international firm, so there are a lot of international meetings on two teams.” Johannessen states. ”You have meetings with four people, six people, and more. So to accommodate all that, the pods which come in different sizes for different numbers of people, are great.”

The versatility of the pods and the number of people that it can fit based on the types of the pod made our office restructuring easier.”

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