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The staff of Wawanesa Insurance specifically asked for Framery pods for their everyday use. Learn why the pods were a perfect addition to their office!

Wawanesa Insurance offers insurance plans for individuals, businesses and families, ensuring that life continues as normal as possible in case of the unexpected. Although the executive offices are located in Winnipeg, Canada, the company has regional offices across Canada as well as in the United States. Wawanesa Insurance’s premises are equipped with several Framery pods, which is why we were excited to talk with their Supervisor of Office Services, Kevin Peers, and to hear how the pods have been received in their work community. 

“The staff is using the pods as a place to recharge, relax and just chill for a bit.”

The fact that Framery pods help you recover during the work day has been established many times. According to Peers, that’s how it is in their office too: “The pods are primarily used as additional meeting space. However, when available, the staff is using the pods as a place to recharge, relax and just chill for a bit.” 

Kitchen view, a person inside a Framery pod on her phone.
“Chillaxing” is definitely possible in a Framery pod.

“We wanted something unique, fun and that sparks conversation. Framery hit all those buttons.”

The employees had actually been asking for an environment where they could do more than just work. Some of them want to make phone calls in private, others wish to sit back and read a book to take their mind off work for a moment. With Framery, Peers was able to offer that flexibility to the office environment. In fact, now Wawanesa Insurance has all Framery models, O, Q and 2Q taking care of the staff’s wellbeing. 

“We strongly feel that our premises should be an extension of our benefits. We wanted something unique, fun and that sparks conversation. Framery hit all those buttons,” Peers describes.

Open office view, people working and walking around with Framery pods on the background
Wawanesa Insurance has all Framery models in their office.

Are the employees liking Framery pods? Like Peers mentioned – the pods have been a conversation starter. “The staff is posting pictures and talking about the pods in personal social media, which is exactly what we wanted to happen,” Peers says and reminds us that Framery was actually chosen as a result of employee feedback and suggestions. “We are happy that our staff is embracing them and using them in different ways.”

Peers firmly thinks that Framery is superior to similar options in the market. He particularly likes the finished look of the product – its uniqueness and the way it fits with their overall branch aesthetic well. “The most surprising thing was how versatile they are. Framery office pods can be used for meeting space, hang out space, private space…and they’re soundproof, which is a huge plus!” he explains and concludes by saying “We would definitely recommend Framery!”

Two women working inside a Framery 2Q office pod
Framery 2Q is perfect for a meeting, hangout and relaxing.

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