Framery O phonebooth in Toca Boca office.

Case | Toca Boca – Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish gaming studio Toca Boca redesigned their Stockholm campus with inspiring creative imagery, thoughtful use of space, and a collection of Framery pods.

In a world where traditional offices are being reimagined, Swedish design firm Spectrum Arkitekter took on the exciting challenge of creating a unique workspace for Toca Boca, the Stockholm-based gaming studio. With inspiring creative imagery, thoughtful use of space, and a collection of Framery pods, the new campus has become a workspace that prioritizes freedom, inspiration, and social interaction that employees are excited to be a part of. 

Framery O and Framery Q in Toca Boca open office.

Inspired by Toca Boca’s digital world of games and products, the campus offers a variety of fully equipped spaces for curious minds to rooms inspired by in-game locations. This dynamic environment invites visitors to unleash their creativity, create avatars, and immerse themselves in a dedicated gaming room. Meanwhile, Framery O and Framery Q pods help studio staff to seamlessly transition between these spaces for meetings with colleagues, partners, and players alike.

Framery pods in Toca Boca open office.

The Toca Boca Campus achieves a balance between enjoyment and productivity. Through a carefully crafted concept, Toca Boca and Spectrum Arkitekter have seamlessly merged the studio’s product offerings and values with a cutting-edge physical environment. This innovative design not only caters to the demands of the modern, hybrid work environment but also sets the stage for a new era of office aesthetics and functionality.

Enter the Toca Boca Campus and discover a one-of-a-kind workplace that showcases the magic of creative interior design, the value of private spaces, and the limitless possibilities of a truly collaborative office.

Photos by Fredrik Bengtsson