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The original
office phone

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The classic office phone booth for one

Industry-leading soundproofing and echo-free acoustics let you talk in private without compromising sound.

The original office phone booth

Framery O is the ideal space to take quick phone and video calls at the office.

World-class soundproofing

Framery O’s speech level reduction of 30dB has earned it one of the industry’s top ISO 23351-1 ratings for office phone booths.

Automatic ventilation

Air that always stays fresh – with a total airflow over 21 l/s the air in the pod is circulated before, during, and after use.

Acoustic absorption

Sound-dampening panels absorb the noise from users in the pod and from devices they use – so you’re always heard clean and clear.


This office phone booth works as hard as you do

It’s more than just an office pod – it’s a great place to make the call.

  • Speech level reduction of 30dB
  • Total airflow 21,5 l/s, 45 CFM (77,4 m³/h)
  • 4000K / 300 lux LED lighting
Powder blue colored Framery O office phone booth.
A close up image of engineers measuring and reviewing materials for Framery products.

Designed for you

Over 3000 ways to make it your own

Choose from a range of colors, materials, fabrics, and furnishings to make your pod work for you.

A close up image of Framery O upper corner, showing the design and shape for the office phone booth.


Framery pods are made with durable, sustainable materials that stand the test of time.

Sustainably built

Made from recycled and recyclable materials that extend the product life cycle.

Timeless design

Award-winning design and functional ergonomics.

Furnished for you

Choose your preferred table and work in comfort – with or without a seat.

Green colored Framery O office phone booth.

Transform your working culture

Framery pods help contribute to a healthy workplace culture – which is now more important than ever.


I was blown away by the quality of construction and chic aesthetic.

Annie Wu
Senior Director of Engagement & Culture • Postmates

Framery O facts

What is an office phone booth?

An office phone booth is a private and soundproof space designed for making phone calls or engaging in focused work. It provides individuals with a quiet and secluded area to enhance concentration and ensure confidential conversations.

What is the Framery O office phone booth used for?

Framery O is a soundproof office phone booth that provides a private space for phone calls and virtual meetings.

Why choose Framery O for your office?

Framery O features automatic ventilation, 30dB speech level reduction and quality engineering that ensures a peacefful and productive experience.

Framery is the pioneer of the soundproof pod industry. Every Framery pod is built with quality materials and sustainability in mind.

Does my office need a phone booth?

Having a phone booth in the office provides a dedicated space for private calls and focused work. It helps reduce noise disruptions and ensures confidentiality during calls. A phone booth enhances the overall office environment, offering flexibility and privacy for modern work.

How many phone booths do I need for my office?

The ideal number of office phone booths and pods depends on the size of your team. A fleet of different-sized pods can work together to make your office run more smoothly and efficiently. There should be 1 single-person pod and 1 meeting pod for every working neighborhood of 6–12 people.

Explore our pod placement guide for a comprehensive overview tailored to your office size.

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