Framery Launches Analytics Feature of Framery Connect

We are pleased to announce the Public Preview of our ne…

We are pleased to announce the Public Preview of our new Analytics feature on Framery Connect!

Framery Connect is a workplace management tool that gives office management unique insights into how their space is being used.

The launch of Framery Connect’s Analytics feature marks the next stage of our connected offering to encourage brands to improve usability, make data-driven decisions and develop their understanding of office behaviour.

Following a successful four-month trial with brands around the world, the Public Preview of Analytics marks an industry milestone, as this is the first time a company has combined technology with furniture on such a global scale.

Global brands who trialled Framery Analytics included the likes of H&M, LinkedIn, and Puma, amongst several others, who are pushing the boundaries of employee-driven office design, how it can benefit and ending the pandemic-induced uncertainty of office design.

“”We were able to make a strategic decision to relocate the pods to areas with a higher demand for their use.”

H&M Facility Management Team

Any organization who owns a Framery One can join the Public Preview for free through their Framery Connect account.

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