Work in an open office? You need our phone pods and office booths.

Over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices Source: University of Sydney
It takes 20 min to regain your focus after a small distraction Source: University of California
You are 15% less productive working in an open-plan office Source: BBC Capital
Save time and money because 90% have daydreamed and 73% did other work during meetings Source: You waste a lot of time at work,
Save time and money because A single weekly meeting of mid-level managers cost one organization $15M a year! Source: Your Scarcest Resource, Harvard Business Review
Save time, space and money because 80% of meetings are today held between 1-4 people Source: Rapal Study, 2018
Happiness is critical because A happy person is 12% more productive (Source: University of Warwick)
Happiness is critical because Happy sales people produce 37% more sales (Source: Growth engineering)
Happiness is critical because Happy employees take 66% less sick leave (Source: Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work / Forbes)

Successful companies understand happiness

Many of the world’s leading companies are using our pods and office booths to make their people happier. And save time, space and money. See how they look in action.

Riku Pentikäinen, Director Global Workplace Strategies, Microsoft

“Our employees feel less distracted and can focus better on the work. In fact, we plan to replace one-third of the traditional phone rooms with Framery booths in our head quarter campus in Seattle.”

Charles Klingler, Sr. Resources Manager Cloudera

“So far I only see benefits with the Framery pods. Use them often, that way you realize the true value of them.”

Paula Salomaa, Community Manager Nordic Innovation House

“The Framery booths are just brilliant! They are easy to use and work like promised. The design is beautiful and simple Scandinavian. Thanks to the glass structure the booths fit in to the office without looking too heavy.”

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