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Framery unveils all-new UK showroom in London

On the first of December, we c…

On the first of December, we celebrated the launch of our new Clerkenwell-based showroom in London. This milestone demonstrates our expanded commitment to the UK market.

Our London showroom in the heart of the design district Clerkenwell will be a pivitol part of this transformation. Here, the Framery One and Framery Q soundproof booths are now officially installed allowing customers to fully experience the future of hybrid working.

Framery has been pioneering the development of the highest quality and technologically advanced soundproof pods and booths since 2010, which has made us uniquely positioned to transform the foundation of how office workspaces are designed, delivering employees and employers alike greater flexibility. 

Framery’s drive to broaden its UK presence comes at a pivotal time when we recognize a distinct demand and opportunity amongst workers and employers for a drastic change within the office environment. 

Framery Q and O in London showroom

In the post-pandemic world, the UK workforce has moved to a hybrid working model, but the office environment hasn’t yet evolved to accommodate such an overhaul in how people work. Given the United Kingdom has more than twice as many open plan offices (49% of offices) than the global average (23%), noise pollution and an inability to focus are major concerns of those returning to the office. Office workers want more privacy and quiet spaces to focus; in a recent survey, Framery discovered almost half of the office workers (44%) view access to private workspaces as one of the most desired office perks. 

Our Founder & CEO Samu Hällfors is thrilled to announce Framery’s renewed commitment to the UK market. ”We are delighted to continue our expansion into the United Kingdom by opening this state-of-the-art showroom in London. This space marks an incredible milestone for the company, as we consider the UK market one of great importance and potential. I greatly look forward to UK customers and the public enjoying our globally pioneering products in person and realizing their potential for the future of work.”

Get hands-on experience with our product line at The Gallery, 21-22 Great Sutton Street in Clerkenwell, London.




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