Black Framery 2Q lounge in a blush background.
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The soundproof room
for teams of up
to 6


A private space to meet for up to 6 people

This fully-functional room is a soundproof space that supports your team when working in-person, online, and in-between.

Get the team together

A full-sized room, Framery 2Q is the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and meet together without disturbing the office.

Built for hybrid teamwork

Framery 2Q can easily be equipped with video conferencing equipment, so you can connected to your team wherever they are.

World-class soundproofing

With a speech level reduction of 29dB, Framery 2Q prevents noise from penetrating the pod in either direction.

Automatic ventilation

With a total airflow over 121 l/s, Framery 2Q’s adjustable ventilation lets you set your preferred amount of circulation and freshness.

the industry standard

This soundproof room features everything you need

Work together, lounge together, and connect online and in-person in this soundproof room.

  • Speech level reduction of 29dB
  • Total airflow 121 l/s, 256 CFM (436 m³/h)
  • 4000K / 400 lux LED lighting
Blue Framery 2Q meeting room with a lounge layout.
Framery engineers designing the materials used in pods.


Over 3000 ways to make it your own

Choose from a range of colors, materials, fabrics, and furnishings to make your pod work for you.

Choose your layout

Framery 2Q is available with a table, with a couch, or without furniture.
And every layout is available in a range of exterior colors.

Framery 2Q Huddle

  • Full-sized working table
  • Wall-mounted screen bracket
  • Large whiteboard (available as an option)
  • Adjustable lighting & ventilation
Black Framery 2Q meeting room, with a huddle layout.
Sand colored Framery 2Q meeting room in a lounge layout that comes with a cornered couch.

Framery 2Q Lounge

  • Wrap-around Clint sofa
  • Full-sized whiteboard
  • Wall-mounted shelf
  • Adjustable lighting & ventilation


Framery pods help offices be efficient with their energy and space usage.

Sustainable materials

Made from recycled and recyclable materials that extend the product life cycle.

Automated features

Motion sensors activate the lights and ventilation upon entry and exit.

Timeless design

Award-winning design and functional ergonomics.

Winter moss colored Framery 2Q meeting room.

Designed for success

Successful workdays are enabled by technology and services that allow flexibility and improve productivity.


Our employees feel less distracted and can focus better on the work.

Riku Pentikäinen
Director for Global Workplace Strategies • Microsoft

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