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Welcome to a smarter office

Set your office up for success with solutions that work for you and your workplace.

Workplace technology that puts people first

Framery’s workplace technology suite streamlines workdays and enhances the entire office for a better working experience.


Make every pod and space in your office easy to find and book.


Optimize your workplace based on the way people actually use it.

Framery Connect Sensor™

Access and analyze usage information from anywhere in your workplace.

Framery Office Sound Masking System™

Reduce speech intelligibility and noise distractions outside of the pods.


Technology that changes how your office works

These new tools allow you to access real-time occupancy data, facilitate data-driven decisions, reserve meeting spaces on the go, and enhance focus, privacy, and productivity throughout the office.

All without any additional deployment costs.


Secure collecting and handling of data

Framery smart pods & the Framery Connect sensor gather anonymous occupancy data to measure when and how often spaces are used.

Users in the space cannot be identified – and no personally identifiable data is collected. Calendar events reserved in a smart pod are transferred into Framery’s system – but not stored permanently. And all personal information related to those events is deleted after the reservation has ended.

Framery is committed to the secure collecting and handling of data and protecting workplace privacy.

Design your workplace for the people who use it

Framery App™

Manage your entire workday in one place

  • Find and book spaces directly from your phone
  • Instantly check space availability
  • Save your favorite spaces to see when they’re free

Framery Office Sound Masking System™

Enhance the acoustics of your entire workplace

  • Improve office ambience and noise atmosphere
  • Reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy
  • Make sounds less intelligible and less distracting

Framery Connect™

Make workplace management decisions based on data

  • Get realtime occupancy data of your smart pods and connected spaces
  • Improve the layout and efficiency of your workplace
  • See which smart pods are used efficiently – and which need attention

Framery Connect Sensor™

Collect usage data from any space in your workplace

  • The palm-sized sensor expands Framery Connect to your entire office
  • Retrieve and analyze occupancy data from anywhere in your workplace
  • Get a complete overview of how your office is used

Welcome to a new workplace experience


Everything you need for a successful workplace

Unlock all the tools and features your workplace needs to thrive with our subscription based Framery Plus – free of charge until the end of 2024.

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