Framery excelled in sustainable growth in 2021 – read more on our third annual Sustainability Report

Framery excelled in sustainable growth in 2021 despite …


Workplace industry pioneer Framery excelled in sustainable growth in 2021 despite a globally-challenging year. Framery exceeded expectations in global sales, invested heavily in product innovation, and increased new employee hires to revolutionize the industry. The top highlight of the year was the launch of the futureproof pod ‘Framery One’ and the continuing expansion of their ‘Framery Subscribed’ circular economy model.


At Framery, sustainability is critical to our product development, innovation, and strategy work. Our sustainability agenda incorporates Climate and Environment, People and Society, and Fair Business throughout our operations and across our entire value chain. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our company’s mission to increase happiness and helps to support our customers’ demand for sustainable soundproof acoustic pods and meeting booths. With our remarkable efforts in sustainability, we can proudly present our pods as the most sustainable choice in the industry. 

While it was a successful year for Framery, the Covid-19 pandemic continued to impact our business during 2021. However, the severity of the disruption was considerably less than that experienced in 2020. The positivity at year-end can be attributed to two things: the successful launch and rapidly filling order books for our new and next-generation Framery One connected pod, along with a general increase in demand for our Framery O, Q and 2Q products. The second highlight was the continuing expansion of our ‘Framery Subscribed’ circular economy model.


In 2021 Framery global sales exceeded expectations, selling over 10% more pods as compared to pre-pandemic levels. This includes approximately 3,000 units of the latest Framery One pod. Our total revenue increased in 2021 to EUR 94 million due to strong demand for our product family in the third and fourth quarters. Our outlook for 2022 currently looks very positive and indicates a solid return to an ambitious growth trajectory.


Here are a few highlights from our 2021 Sustainability Report:


Product enhancements to support hybrid work

Continuous Focus on Sustainability Efforts

  • In January we launched our collaboration with Finnish logistics company Kaukokiito, to switch our daily factory-warehouse-factory routes to biogas trucks, cutting our emissions by 90%. 
  • Framery One became the only office pod in the world to be awarded with a GREENGUARD Gold Certification – the industry-independent organization’s highest rating. Framery’s product family has held a GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certification award since 2020. This certificate shows that Framery pods and booths have been scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards.
  • We continued to enhance and expand Framery Subscribed, our ‘product as a service’ business model. In 2021, we achieved 88% yearly growth in the number of products delivered via circular economy business model.

  • We have continued to adhere strictly to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for the second year in a row. Framery remains committed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to adopt and implement sustainable and socially responsible policies.

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