We aim to make 3 million people happier with our eco-efficient pods.
We constantly seek to make our footprint smaller and handprint bigger to be sure we are not just creating happiness today, but happiness also for future generations.

Read the Sustainability Report 2020 here

We have defined our sustainability work under three themes – Environmental Efficiency, Social Responsibility and Economic Value Creation.

Environmental efficiency

Throughout 2020 and 2021, amidst the unprecedented and ongoing challenges and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not lost sight of the serious environmental threats facing us globally, from resource scarcity and climate change, to loss of biodiversity. These existential threats strongly motivate us at Framery to want to help to create a significantly more sustainable and responsible future world.

Of critical importance is the fundamental shift towards circular economy thinking and the delivering of concrete real-world actions. At Framery, we strongly believe that by converting our business models and operations to be more circular in nature, we can both futureproof our business and respect planetary boundaries at the same time. To achieve this, we have been energized to create a stronger environmental program, as well as deliver a more detailed vision and strategy for our environmental work. Our goals are big, but so are the global challenges.

So, how are we fighting climate change, bringing safe, sustainable, recyclable and environmentally efficient booths to our customers around the world, as well as delivering circular economy actions? See our new Sustainability Report 2020.

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Social responsibility

Happiness drives our work and is our primary purpose as a company, since it is the essence and reason for everything we do. Happiness can be found through the impact of our products, our commitment to our people and in the way we work.

We take extra special care of our employees, customers and all the people we work with. We have a strong culture backing up our solid growth and the happiness of our people.

Framerians have always said that the best thing about Framery is “our people”. We invest in our people, because we believe that happy Framerians make the best possible products and provide our customers with the best service––in turn making them happy as well.

While there are great cultures in many companies, we believe our unique way of working makes Framery a ‘one-of-a-kind’. The values at the heart of our company culture are the abilities and practices that we especially appreciate in each other, and also what we base our decision-making on. They are not just hollow phrases – our values create our shared practices, our rules and our goals.

When we recruit new colleagues, consider salary increases or individual growth, we always mirror the actions of the individual to our values.

The values we expect each of us and future colleagues to live by are:

  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Transparent communication
  • Impact
  • Curiosity
  • Good Judgment
  • Responsibility

At Framery, standards matter. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy with regards to discrimination and inappropriate behavior. We cherish and support different viewpoints and believe that the more diverse spectrum of views we have, the better decisions we are able to make.

Find out more about our Framerian culture and how we work with our people in our new Sustainability Report 2020.

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Economic value creation


Framery is the pioneer and global market leader in manufacturing pods and office phone booths. Our revenue in 2020 was EUR 88 million.

Despite the significant disruptions that have negatively impacted companies around the world since early 2020, we are confident that we will soon be back on the path of strong, responsible and sustainable growth. How will we do this? The answer is by following our tried and trusted procedures; those smart business decisions enabling us to grow year-on-year to become the global leader in soundproofed office furniture solutions.

To that end, we are honest, and don’t engage in any unethical or illegal business. We continue to pay all our taxes ‘fair and square,’ we negotiate decent contracts with our valued suppliers and dealers, we continue to pay fair wages and we continually strive to offer our many customers the best products possible.

In addition, we still keep all of our production at our Tampere headquarters in western Finland. In this way, we can continue to be proud of the fact that we can support our local community by offering jobs in our home municipality of Pirkanmaa, as well as creating jobs for many people around the world too.

We look forward to continuing our strong and sustainable growth path and making 3 million customers happy by 2022.

Read more about how we work with customers, investors and society at large in our new Sustainability Report 2020.

We take sustainability very seriously. We are certified and report by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles.

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