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A Privacy Booth Removes Distractions in an Office

Open offices can be full of distractions that hinder pr…

“Privacy” is not the word that comes to mind when thinking of work in an office. Especially open offices can be challenging working environments for those employees who require more private space in order to focus and get things done. 

Some people try to get some privacy by using noise-canceling headphones or choosing to leave the office altogether and work from home instead. However, this is not the ideal or most efficient way to solve this issue. In response to the challenges posed by the open office layout, many companies have adopted private office phone booths that are great for taking important calls and having intimate conversations. 

What are privacy booths for the office?

As the name suggests, office privacy pods and booths are small spaces designed to offer a quiet and private place in the office. To provide true private and quiet space, office privacy booths should be soundproofed with high-quality materials to absorb external noise, in addition to having great acoustics inside. There should also be the possibility to create visual privacy by covering the booth’s walls, in case they are made of transparent glass.

Private office phone booths, such as the Framery Q, are commonly used in open offices by individual workers for solitary focused work, but also as alternatives to larger conference rooms for small teams.

Even if there are fewer walls in an open office, the need for privacy is just as important as in a closed office or at a home office. Flimsy office dividers, however, are not enough to provide true private spaces in the midst of an office environment. Although they may act as a barrier to hide behind and block the loudest noise spikes, as long as distracting sounds are audible enough to be heard, they are still a distraction. This is why soundproof office pods are a better alternative.

Why is private space important in an office setting?

Private and distraction-free spaces in the office are crucial in enabling employees to succeed in their work. Not only can noisy open office spaces lead to lower work satisfaction and overall well-being of employees, they also make workers less productive. This is why all businesses with offices, both big and small, should invest in providing their workers with the opportunity to work in private.

  • A private space in an office allows people to manage confidential matters without fear of information spreading around. This can include both business-sensitive information as well as private information of the employee. If it is a personal phone call, it should be had in a secure personal space, such as a soundproof office phone booth.
  • Every now and then every office worker just needs a moment of silence and a place to escape from the midst of a noisy office. A study found that working in a Framery office pod reduces stress and facilitates recovery during a workday in the office. 
  • As many employees have grown accustomed to remote work from the privacy of their own homes, a bustling open office space can feel overwhelming. That is why there should be private spaces in the office as well.
  • A privacy pod or booth helps employees work free from distractions. Numerous studies have shown that distractions hinder the productivity, creativity, and satisfaction of office workers. Once a distraction pulls you out of the task at hand, regaining focus can take even 20 minutes. No wonder many office workers find it difficult to get things done in an open office if there is no quiet space for focus.
  • The lack of privacy can be a great source of stress, especially in a mentally demanding office job where focus and flow can facilitate creativity as well as satisfaction with work. A noisy and stressful office environment is good at sucking out the enjoyment of one’s work. Therefore it is important to find ways to avoid disruptive stress at all costs.
Working in a Framery Q in an open plan office.

A soundproof office phone booth provides privacy in the office

Framery pods and office phone booths are the perfect private place for people working in an open office. To avoid noise distractions and the negative effects of excessive auditory stimuli, the sound insulation of Framery pods has been designed to let in as little outside noise and acoustic pollution as possible. A study by the Turku University of Applied Sciences found that the Framery O office pod offered the best level of sound insulation out of 11 top-selling office pods. The pod offered a speech level reduction of 30,3 dB according to the ISO 23351-1 standard.

A small office privacy booth for just one person, such as the Framery One, is a place for private focused work, whereas larger meeting rooms, for example, the Framery 2Q, can fit up to six people for collaboration and video conferencing. In case visual privacy is needed in addition to sound insulation, the glass of a Framery privacy pod can be covered with an additional cling, either partly or completely. This allows for working with confidential materials or just shutting out the outside world for a moment. The adjustable lighting and ventilation inside the pod ensure that working is still pleasant for the person inside.




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