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The new Framery smart pods

Smart. Soundproof. And packed with technology to improve your workday.

Framery smart pods. For every office.

Framery smart pods are designed to make every part of your workday better

For every task. For every office.

Advanced soundproofing

Patent-pending soundproofing technology that’s tuned to human speech frequency and actively improves the acoustics of the entire workplace.

Automated ventilation

Proprietary design lets you adjust the ventilation to your comfort – with maximum airflow that surpasses industry standards around the world.

Brilliant lighting

Automated lighting responds to your needs, and preset lighting modes allow you to seamlessly switch between optimized lighting adjusted for video calls or focused work.

Supported by tech

People-first technology that helps you focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere – without compromising comfort or quality.

The world’s most advanced office pods

Innovative functionalities

Precision sensors, mmWave radar, and adaptive ventilation technology unlock advanced capabilities not found anywhere else.

Intuitive controls

A high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to control pod settings, adjust lighting and airflow, and extend calendar reservations.

Real-time usage data

Anonymized occupancy data makes it possible for office managers to see when the pods are being used, and enables on-the-fly bookings.

Say hello to a whole new workday

Increased productivity

Work together or focus on your own – in unmatched comfort and privacy.

Less chaos

Spend less time looking for a workspace – and more time actually working.

Support for modern teams

Adaptable spaces specifically engineered for the needs of hybrid work.


Designed for your workplace

Our modern and smart office pods feature with clean lines, spacious interiors, and a wide range of stylish colors, fabrics, and furnishings.

Sustainable from the inside out

Recycled and recyclable

Made with more recycled materials and fewer overall resources – with 90–100% recyclability at the end of the pod’s extended lifecycle.

Timeless design

Built to last – with sustainably sourced interior and exterior materials developed with durability and usability in mind.


All fabrics have the EU Ecolabel – with materials made from recycled PET that can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed.

Quality you can only get with Framery

Easy installation

Efficient and professional installation completed within a few hours. With additional support every step of the way.

Move it anywhere

Easily relocate the smart pods without the need for disassembly with the optional movability kit – available on all smart pods.

Fully compliant

All of Framery’s smart pods have gone through rigorous certification and compliance programs for fire, electrical, and seismic safety.


Secure collecting and handling of data

Framery smart pods & the Framery Connect sensor gather anonymous occupancy data to measure when and how often spaces are used.

Users in the space cannot be identified – and no personally identifiable data is collected. Calendar events reserved in a smart pod are transferred into Framery’s system – but not stored permanently. And all personal information related to those events is deleted after the reservation has ended.

Framery is committed to the secure collecting and handling of data and protecting workplace privacy.

Trusted by over 70% of Forbes Top 100 companies

framery pod Quick specs

There’s a pod for every need

  • Framery One Compact™

    • Optimal for one person
    • 225 x 103 x 100 cm (h, w, d)
      88.6 x 40.7 x 39.4 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 30 dB
    • Total airflow: 36 l/s
  • Framery One™

    • Optimal for one person
    • 225.5 x 122 x 100 cm (h, w, d)
      88.8 x 48 x 39.4 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 30 dB
    • Total airflow: 26 l/s
  • Framery Four™

    • For up to 4 people
    • 232.9 x 235.2 x 129.2 cm (h, w, d)
      91.7 x 92.6 x 50.9 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 30 dB
    • Total airflow: 100 l/s
  • Framery Six™

    • For up to 6 people
    • 232.9 x 235.2 x 263.2 cm (h, w, d)
      91.7 x 92.6 x 103.6 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 30 dB
    • Total airflow: 187 l/s
  • Framery O

    • Optimal for one person
    • 221 x 100 x 100 cm (h, w, d)
      87 x 39.4 x 39.4 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 30 dB
    • Total airflow: 21.5 l/s
  • Framery Q

    • Optimal for 1-4 people
    • 222 x 220 x 120 cm (h, w, d)
      87.4 x 86.6 x 47.2 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 29 dB
    • Total airflow: 66 l/s
  • Blush colored Framery 2Q soundproof meeting room.

    Framery 2Q

    • Optimal for up to 6 people
    • 222 x 235 x 280 cm (h, w, d)
      87.4 x 92.5 x 110.2 inch (h, w, d)
    • Speech level reduction: 29 dB
    • Total airflow: 121 l/s

Tools for a successful workday

Find privacy

Join a video or take a call without distractions or disturbing those around you.

Focus clearly

Eliminate unwanted distractions so you can focus on what matters most.

Meet freely

Get together in-person or online for pre-scheduled or ad-hoc meetings.

All about Framery smart pods

What are smart pods?

Smart pods are advanced soundproof office pods that use technology to provide additional functionalities, such as the ability to sense and respond to environmental conditions, provide occupancy data for optimizing office layouts, and receive over-the-air software upgrades to integrate new features into the future.

What separates smart pods from traditional pods?

Smart pods incorporate advanced technology and connectivity features that normal office pods may not have, while providing equal or superior soundproofing to traditional non-smart office pods.

Framery smart pods feature automated lighting and ventilation, occupancy detection, and collect data on pod usage which can be analyzed to optimize office space utilization and user experience.

Are smart pods more expensive than other office pods?

Framery smart pods are not more expensive than other office pods.

Due to advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, Framery smart pods have a lower price point and are more more cost-effective in the long run. Smart pods also offer benefits such as improved efficiency, better space utilization, and lower operational costs over time. The increased productivity and flexibility provided by smart pods results in a higher return on investment for businesses.

Are Framery pods sustainable?

Framery makes the most sustainable office pods in the world.

Framery smart pods are designed and built sustainably – using less materials overall and favoring aluminum and steel over wood. The result is a pod that is 25% lighter, making them easier to ship, build, and move.

The new modular, more durable design, and replaceable elements, means that Framery smart pods have a longer lifespan. And recycling at the end of the pod’s lifecycle is even easier due to the materials used.


Framery workplace technology

Set your office up for success with workplace technology solutions that work with you.

Framery App™

Manage your entire workday in one place with the Framery app. Check availability and book spaces in advance or on-the-fly directly from your phone.

Framery Office Sound Masking System™

Enhance the acoustics of the entire workplace. Improve ambience, reduce distractions, and enhance speech privacy for a more productive environment.

Framery Connect Sensor™

Collect usage data from any space in your workplace. Expand Framery Connect with palm-sized sensors to analyze occupancy data from anywhere, and gain comprehensive insights into how your office is used.

Framery Connect™

Make workplace management decisions based on insights from your office’s occupancy data. With real-time usage data you can provide the right spaces in the right places.

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