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Framery smart pods & workplace technology

Framery’s workplace technology suite consists of Framery App™, Framery Office Sound Masking System™, Framery Connect™, and Framery Connect Sensor™. These tools allow employees to reserve meeting spaces on the go, access real-time occupancy data, facilitate data-driven decisions, and enhance focus, privacy, and productivity throughout the office.

The basis of these tools is the anonymous occupancy data collected from the smart pods and other office spaces through the Framery Connect sensor. For facility teams, these tools provide information about when office spaces are being used, and whether there are the right types of spaces in the right places. For employees, the same data provides real-time availability of office spaces, so they can easily find and book the nearest free space for their use.

Anonymous data from the workplace environment

Framery smart pods & the Framery Connect sensor gather anonymous occupancy data, measuring when and how often spaces are used. To achieve this, Framery One Compact, Four and Six utilize a mmWave radar, Framery One uses a heat-based sensor, and the Framery Connect sensor detects occupancy based on movement. Users in the space cannot be identified by any of these methods. The anonymous data is transferred via built-in 4G connectivity, or through a Wi-Fi connection on Framery One Compact, Four and Six. The data is compiled and shown in the Framery Connect platform.

The Framery app and Framery pods can be connected to the company’s calendar system. With the calendar connection, employees can find and book office spaces through the Framery app, and Framery smart pods can show the reservations on the touchscreen. Calendar events which have a reservation for a smart pod are transferred – but not stored permanently – into Framery’s system. All personal information related to those events is deleted after the reservation has ended. No additional user calendar contents are ever transferred into Framery’s system.

Handling of data

Data, intellectual property, and other confidential information are the basis for success for ourselves and our business partners. We have an established ISO27001-certified Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our solution is GDPR compliant, we follow the data privacy regulation of all regions we operate in, and our systems are penetration-tested by 3rd party experts such as Fractal.

Only authorized technical and customer success personnel from Framery, whose work is related to developing the solution further or helping customers in using the system, are allowed to access the gathered data.

Customer requirements

In order to activate the smart pods and start using Framery’s workplace technology features, at least one person from the company must be invited to join Framery Connect, and complete the sign-up process.

If needed, the pods can be set to operate in offline mode without any connectivity or data gathering. Offline mode supports all the basic features for controlling the pod through the touchscreen, such as ventilation and lighting adjustments. In offline mode all the workplace technology tools and features are unavailable.

Our commitment to privacy

Framery is committed to the secure collecting and handling of data. For any questions contact us by support@frameryacoustics.com

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