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We set the standard in sustainability and corporate responsibility


Dedicated to sustainability

In 2023 we introduced our new sustainability program to help guide our efforts across the three pillars of our sustainability agenda – Climate and Environment, People and Society, and Fair Business. During the year we finalized our new smart pods, made with 23% less material, and have set a target to reduce emissions per pod by 50% by 2028 compared to 2023.

To find out more about our sustainability commitments, targets, and actions, take a look at our 2023 Sustainability Report.


The most sustainable pods ever built

Our products are built to last – with 100% end of life recyclability for our new smart pods. The lightweight structure, sophisticated engineering, and efficient use of materials make them a beautiful and sustainable choice.

Award-winning sustainability

Framery was awarded with a Gold Medal sustainability rating from Ecovadis sustainability – placing us among the top 5% percent of companies assessed in the past year.

Framery smart pods are also GREENGUARD Gold certified for healthy indoor air quality and minimal chemical emissions.

Mindful manufacturing

Framery smart pods are manufactured using zero-emission electricity. Our factory logistics are operated on biogas and renewable diesel. Virtually no waste goes to landfill.

Reduced footprint

A change from plywood to steel has helped us achieve a 23% material reduction with our smart pods and a 16% reduction in related carbon footprint from manufacturing on average.

Fully recyclable

At the end of their lives, the new smart pods are fully recyclable as a result of eliminating composite and other hard-to-recycle materials.

Modular product structures allow Framery smart pods to be easily serviced and refurbished – extending their life cycles indefinitely.


Climate and environment

We have not lost sight of the serious environmental threats facing us globally, from resource scarcity and climate change to loss of biodiversity.

These existential threats strongly motivate us at Framery to want to help to create a significantly more sustainable and responsible future world.

Climate & circularity

By converting our business models and operations to be more circular in nature, we can both futureproof our business and respect planetary boundaries at the same time.

Our lightweight smart pods come with reduced materials use and reduced manufacturing emissions. (the work doesn’t stop here and) Framery targets a 50% reduction in product CO2 emissions by 2028.

Read our Environmental Product Declarations for more details.

Environmental program

We have been created a stronger environmental program, as well as deliver a more detailed vision and strategy for our environmental work. Our goals are big, but so are the global challenges.

Explore our Environmental Policy for more details.

Science Based Targets

We participate in the Science Based Targets initiative, and have set emission reduction targets aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

UN Global Compact

We participate in the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Modular product structures allow Framery smart pods to be easily serviced and refurbished – extending their life cycles indefinitely.


Responsible engineering

The most effective way for manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their products is to extend their life cycle.

The durability of the all-steel structures of Framery’s new products is measured in decades. Modular product structures allow the pods to be easily serviced and refurbished, extending their life cycles even further.

Product performance

Changing the main construction material from plywood to steel significantly reduces our environmental impact. The modular design of our pods facilitates a long product lifetime, and our customers typically use them for many years.

Our products are Health Product Declaration compliant.

Recycled & recyclable materials

Steel & aluminum
Partially recycled steel and aluminum make up the core of the smart pods’ modular design.

All fabrics in our smart pods have the EU Ecolabel. Sound-absorbing materials made from recycled PET can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed.

We use partially recycled glass featuring sound-control lamination.

We use a reduced amount of wood in our new Smart Pods. All wood is FSC or PEFC certified, which means a new tree is planted for each one cut.

Advanced technology that enables product updates and makes our pods smart, comfortable, and easy to use. 

Strategic sourcing

All of our products are manufactured in Tampere, Finland using zero-emission electricity. 90% of our suppliers are located within 500km of our production facilities.

Our factory logistics are operated on biogas and renewable diesel.

Life cycle assessment

We have conducted life cycle assessment studies for our products to measure their environmental impacts. Alongside their carbon footprint, we also study other impacts such as resource depletion and water scarcity.

Results are verified by an independent third party, and then published and registered as an Environmental Product Declaration to provide stakeholders with reliable information on our products’ environmental performance in a transparent way. 

Transportation & packaging

Logistics hubs in Singapore and the USA reduce air freight, and allow us to load our shipping containers more tightly. The products are made-to-order, and their modularity helps us achieve this with minimal impact.

Our highly space-efficient packaging is made from mostly recycled or renewable materials.

Safety first

No fire hazardous materials are used in Framery pods. The fire safety of all surface materials, upholstery and acoustics materials
of our products are tested and classified by either national or international standards.

We provide additional safety measurements to adhere to local regulatory requirements.


People and society

Successful workdays are our primary purpose as a company – it is the essence and reason for everything we do. Success can be found through the impact of our products, our commitment to our people, and in the way we work.

Faces of Framery

We take extra special care of our employees, customers and all the people we work with. We have a strong culture backing up our solid growth and the happiness of our people.

Framerians say that the best thing about Framery is “our people”. We invest in our people, because we believe that successful people make the best possible products – and provide our customers with the best service.

Workplace values

The values at the heart of our company culture are the abilities and practices that we especially appreciate in each other, and serve as a basis for how we make decisions.

The values we expect every Framerian to live by are:

  • Respect
  • Courage and Curiosity
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Good Judgement

Learn more about our values and workplace culture from our Culture Handbook.

High standards

At Framery, standards matter. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy with regard to discrimination and inappropriate behaviour. We cherish and support different viewpoints and believe that the more diverse spectrum of views we have, the better decisions we are able to make.

Find out more about our Framerian culture and how we work with our people in our new Sustainability Report 2022.

Occupational safety

We make sure our employees have the competence and know-how to perform their tasks safely. We identify hazards and assess occupational health and safety risks and opportunities regularly.

Find out more from our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Community recruitment

We support our local community by offering employment opportunities in our home municipality of Pirkanmaa, Finland – creating jobs for our community as well as people around the world.

We expect all future colleagues to espouse our cultural values, which create our shared practices, rules, our goals. When recruiting, we expect the actions of the individuals to align with our values.


Fair business

Framery is the pioneer and global leader in manufacturing pods and office phone booths. Our revenue in 2023 was EUR 154 million. We maintain a path of strong, responsible and sustainable growth as we work towards making 5 million global customers happy by 2026.

By following our tried and trusted procedures, smart business decisions have enabled us to grow year after year – and become the global leader in workplace privacy.

Honest practices

We operate in an open and honest manner – and do not engage in any unethical or illegal business. We pay all our taxes appropriately, and negotiate decent contracts with our valued suppliers and dealers.

We continue to pay fair wages and continually strive to offer our many customers the best products possible.

Ethical conduct

Our common will is to do what’s right in everything we do. Our core values create the foundation for our code of conduct – which guides our approach to ethical business practices, human and labour rights, as well as environmental values.

Find out more from our Framery Code of Conduct.

Supplier compliance

Framery is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, ethical and legal manner. We believe that sustainable growth will be achieved together with like-minded, reliable and fair partners who are willing to work with us on these topics.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards we expect our suppliers to comply with when doing business with us.

Committed to privacy

We practice the secure collecting and handling of data and protecting workplace privacy.

Read more about our approach to data security and workplace privacy.


Openly transparent

We take sustainability very seriously. We report in accordance with the GRI Standards about our impacts on the economy, environment and people.

These global standards for sustainability impacts are a credible way for us to increase transparency on our contribution to sustainable development of our products – and our company.

ISO compliance

We have conducted Life Cycle Assessments according to ISO 14040 and 14044 and released industry-first Environmental Product Declarations according to ISO 14025.

Framery’s management system is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001.

More information is available from our Quality Policy.

Certified sustainability

We received a Gold Medal rating in sustainability from Ecovadis – placing us among the top 5% percent of companies assessed in the past year.

Our products are GREENGUARD Gold certified, and highly maintainable with easily available spare parts. 

Global initiatives

We participate in the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiates, including the UN Global Compact and the Science Based Targets initiative.

Complete disclosure

Our products are compliant with the Health Product Declaration standards – providing transparent disclosure regarding the material contents of our products.

Corporate responsiblity

Reach out

See our Sustainability Report to find out more about our sustainability commitments, targets, and actions.

For more information about Framery’s work in sustainability, responsibility, and workplace success write to:


Sustainability in action

Take a closer look into all of the initiatives we do around sustainability.