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Datadog, a monitoring platform for cloud applications, has dozens of Framery pods around their open office. Read the whole case story!

Datadog is a monitoring platform for cloud applications and ranked among the world’s best cloud companies by Forbes. Their headquarters is located in the heart of busy New York City, with a stunning “360 degree” view from the 45th floor of the New York Times building. Datadog’s NYC headquarters is a home base for over 400 of 1,200 global employees.

How is Framery a part of Datadog’s office culture?

“Many of our employees work remotely, spread over five continents, so we have a lot of meetings, demos, and interviews via video conferencing and telephone calls from our Framery phone booths,” tells Pascal Schaary, Datadog’s VP of Business Operations. 

Framery Q meeting booth at Datadog office

Framery Q is a perfect place for concentration and meetings.

Making sure everyone in the office is best equipped for the daily work activities mentioned above, Datadog has dozens of Framery pods placed strategically around their open office, which covers 3 whole floors. 

“The pods are well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing, allow natural light to enter from two sides, and – most importantly –  they’re soundproof.”

“The pods are well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing, allow natural light to enter from two sides, and – most importantly –  they’re soundproof. We’ve tested others that are just not soundproof enough,” says Schaary. 

As pleased as we are to hear that our design works and that our products provide the needed functionality, we’re always interested in taking a peek at the bigger picture we aim to be a part of: workplace happiness. While visiting Datadog’s office, it is quite clear that this happiness factor is a matter taken very seriously. The whole office has a “laid-back” vibe. People look at ease and are happy to chat about their company culture. 

Framery O at the the Datadog office

Framery O phone booths sees a lot of use at the Datadog office.

We boldly asked Pascal for a sophisticated guess on what percentage the Framery pods have increased happiness in the Datadog workplace and why?

“Framery has made our office a happier workplace by 75%”

“Framery has made our office a happier workplace by 75%, because having to find a room, or deal with loud background noise, or sensitive data leakage concerns frustrates employees and makes them unhappy and hence unproductive.”

Wow, we are honored to hear that! 

When asked about workplace happiness and what it means to Pascal himself, the answer is quite simple:

“Being empowered to tackle challenging assignments with smart and diverse colleagues, while having the work-life balance to spend time with my family.” 

That pretty much sums up what we mean by being serious about happiness.

Framery O office phone booths at the Datadog office

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