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Introducing Framery Smart Pods

Framery’s new smart pods deliver greater user benefits, are more sustainable and designed to improve over time. (03/2024)

Returning to office life

Framery helps 2.7 million workers cope with return to office life (12/2023)

Framery presents Framery Contact

Framery presents Framery Contact – the next stage in the race towards a new generation (05/2023)

Why Office pods are the future of work

The £30 billion Opportunity: Why Office Pods Are the Future of Work (04/2023)

A person stepping into a conference in a Framery 2Q meeting room.

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“Employees need quiet, privacy, and focus to be able to do their jobs well — and most offices still lack these considerations.”

Samu Hällfors • Co- Founder and CEO

“When a company’s foundation is built on trust, challenging external circumstances are more manageable as you’ve already created a safe space for staff.”

Anni Hallila • Head of People and Culture

“Capturing real-time, accurate data from the office is the first step in understanding how to tailor the workspace to the true needs of employees.”

Arto Vahvanen • Head of Digital Offerings & Customer Success

“A smart pod should combine privacy with excellent acoustics and ventilation, inviting design elements, and advanced technology to allow ease of work both inside and outside of the pod.”

Timo Inkinen • Head of Product

“Pods are an ideal solution for video conferencing because they give employees a private and echo-free space. This guarantees virtual meetings without disruptions or distractions at the office.”

Lasse Karvinen • Head of Sales

“Framery CEO Samu Hällfors said companies should find the best aspects in both remote and in-person work to change the work environment and motivate employees to come into the office.”

Rayna Song, USA TODAY

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