Framery designers drawing a design of a Framery pod.

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We work closely with architects and designers to transform workspaces of all types and sizes.

Framery designer drawing a design for a Framery pod.

Framery office pods & booths

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Framery designers planning the use of different material options for a Framery pod.

Sustainability Report

We make the world’s most sustainable pods – and we are a net positive company.

A person working in a Framery One office pod.

Cost analysis

Framery pods are more cost-effective than constructing new meeting rooms.

Laptop showing the UI of Framery Connect, workplace management tool.

Framery Connect

The workplace management tool that provides valuable insights into how the office works.

Product guides

Framery One

Framery One Compact

Framery Four

Framery Six

A stack of materials for Framery pods.

From invention to benchmark in 10 years

When we started out, the solution we needed didn’t exist – so we had to invent it.

And we’re just getting started


Working with architects

We actively collaborate with The American Institution for Architects (AIA) through educational courses emphasising the importance of distraction-free workspaces and the tools to achieve optimal environmental acoustics.

Designer evaluating different parts of Framery pods.
Framery One office pod in an open space with a person walking towards it.

“Framery is the best product on the market.”

Jakub Heidler
Architect & Founder • Studio Reaktor

Successful companies trust Framery

Here’s what customers say about us

People working in Postmates office with one person working in a Framery Q meeting pod.

“The booths have become a safe haven for focused work!”

Annie Wu
Sr. Director of Engagement & Culture • Postmates
Two people having a meeting in a Framery Q meeting pod in Colliers office.

“All my colleagues here love the Framery pods simply because they work so well.”

Nina Bauer
Associate Director • Colliers
Person stepping into a Framery O office phone booth in Datadog offices.

“Framery pods have made our office a happier workplace.”

Pascal Schaary
Business Operations • Datadog
Hospital workers having a private conversation in Framery O office phone booth.

“The pods have helped us to protect the privacy of our employees.”

Anna Hemmi
Nursing Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry • Tampere University Hospital
A person stepping in to Framery 2Q meeting room for a team meeting.

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How many pods do you need and where should they go?

When placed correctly, our pods improve communication, reduce rush, boost efficiency – and make offices more successful.

Here are some key tips on how to place our pods and office booths:

Provide enough pods

We recommend providing one Framery O for every 15 employees, one Framery Q for every 20 employees and one Framery 2Q for every 30 employees.

Consider user needs

Provide different sizes of pods based on users’ needs. Some need to concentrate, others to work collaboratively.

Divide the space

Divide the floor plan to smaller zones based on activities as in point 2.

Place centrally

Pods and booths should be placed in the middle of activity areas, not hidden away in corners. That way people can easily see if they are vacant and access them.

Framery One soundproof office pod in open space room.

Framery in action

Many of the world’s leading companies use our office pods to improve their spaces. See how they look in action.