Case | Hub350 – The Future Working Environment of Canada’s Tech Capital

Framery pods were an important part in creating a future working environment at Hub350 in Canada’s largest technology park.

A Future Working Environment for Canadian Tech – and Beyond

Kanata North is the largest tech park in Canada – with over 500 companies located in Kanata, Ontario.

In 2021, the park opened Hub350 – a business center with a future working environment. The collaborative space was designed to be a place for partners in the tech park to meet, innovate, and nurture new recruits.  Architects and designers used Framery pods to help create a functional and agile working space for the new future working environment.

A Culture of Collaboration in Canada’s Technology Capital

People conversing around a room in Kanata North Technology Park

The Kanata North Technology Park

Set in the beautiful Ottawa suburb of Kanata, the Kanata North Technology Park boasts the highest density of technology companies in the country.

The high-tech hub is considered the Canadian epicenter of technology – with over 540 companies and startups concentrated inside of a few square kilometers.

An Ecosystem Bursting with Potential

The rapidly expanding tech park has a long legacy of innovation, research, and development.

Focused on creating opportunities for the future, industry giants like Mitel and You.i TV operate in close proximity with universities, accelerator programs, and networking ecosystems.

The result is a rich community of professionals, researchers, and students gathered together in a purpose-built environment.

A Gateway to Innovation

The Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) recognized a need for a community space in the park.

This would be a space where the over 33,000 employees in the area could innovate, collaborate, grow, disrupt, and network.

Their response was to develop Hub350 – a vibrant “living lab” where the talent of today and the talent of tomorrow can live, work, play, learn and innovate in Canada’s largest technology hub.

A Working Environment for Now – and for the Future

Within Hub350, people are working in different sections of a room. The sections belong to different organizations of which salesforce, Queens university and University of Ottawa are shown.

The aim was to use existing infrastructure from the decades-old park to create a ‘town hall’ for the community.

Hub350 doesn’t just serve a single company – it serves a whole community. With hundreds of creative technology companies within Kanata North, KNBA Executive Director Jamie Petten had created an ambitious project.

“The space at Hub350 is meant
to emulate the future work environment.” 

KNBA wanted a physical space where investors, talent, researchers and emerging companies can explore opportunities in Canada’s largest technology hub.

The Vision

Smiling person having a conversation with another person around a table within Hub350 business center with another person working at another table in the background.

The mission was to design a future-focused, 5G connected environment that provides effective spaces for modern work.

The space would feature open-concept meeting rooms, private offices, and inspiring lounges and seating areas. Auditoriums with stadium-style seating and a full-service media studio would provide even more value for users.

“We know that virtual meetings
are not going to go away.”

“Many of the employers in our park are wondering how to support their employees in the hybrid style of work,” says Petten. “We wanted to emulate the future work environment and capitalize on ways to stay productive in the Hub’s collaborative spaces.”

The Challenge

The way we work has changed – meetings have gone from physical to virtual, and from virtual to hybrid.

With a broad range of users and uses, Petten recognized the importance of private and soundproof spaces to make the space function as it should. She wanted a space that would make the transition to being in-person as well as virtual effortless and so seamless.

Framery’s world-class soundproof pods and workstations provide the perfect space for Hub350’s variety of needs.

That balance of privacy and connection
throughout the day is what they offer.

“We know that virtual meetings are not going to go away,” states Petten. “The pods enable us to be more productive.”

The Approach

Hub350 was retrofitted into the former Mitel headquarters – paying homage to the tech giant at the heart of Kanata North.

KNBA was intent on working with LineBox – a team of Canada’s most forward-thinking architects, technologists, and designers. Linebox are industry leaders in creating collaborative spaces with both aesthetics and functionality.

Framery pods are a core component
of that future work environment.

They seized the opportunity to design a future working environment to meld minds from industry, academic and finance worlds.

The Design

Linebox created a raw and sophisticated palette with the building’s beautiful courtyard as a backdrop.

A combination of new and reused furniture was used to contrast the bare concrete floors and columns and black ceiling grid of the repurposed building.

“We wanted to create an aspirational space
that inspires the art of the possible.” 

This sophisticated-yet-functional design approach matched seamlessly with the aesthetics of the Framery O pods. “Framery pods are quite progressive. They support the future work environment and fit into the vision of how to elevate the experience for our members,” states Petten.

The Finished Project

Person working inside a Framery O office pod in Hub350 business center with another Framery O being unoccupied next to it

Hub350 opened in October, 2021 featuring over 12,000 square feet of collaboration and work space.

The new community space is fully functional. With 6 Framery O soundproof pods, 4 lounges, 16 hot desks, 5 meeting rooms, 18 workspaces, and a full-service media studio. According to Petten, the pods have proven to be “a really core component of the overall experience of working day to day at Hub350.”

“Every element makes for a great experience – they
fit into our space as if they were meant to be there.”

Like all spaces within Hub350, the Framery pods are bookable through the Hub’s website. See the fantastic results for yourself with a virtual tour of the beautiful new space on the Hub350 website.

A Modern Future Working Environment

Hub350 is a successful example of a future working environment in the Kanata region.

Today, Hub350 has become a space for everyone. Members now have resources to nurture their teams, and private spaces to connect with a colleague in Hong Kong or with a customer in Paris. Petten, KNBA, and Linebox have utilized Framery Pods to create a space where people come to work, connect, and collaborate.

“Our space wouldn’t function without the Framery
pods in the way that we need it to.”

“Framery’s pods are an example of how to think ahead and incorporate a new user experience into our work,” says Petten. “They are an essential element to our guests’ experience.”

Create Your Own Future Working Environment

Framery Pods have been a key part of developing the future work environment in spaces around the world.

Modern work requires modern spaces. Framery soundproof pods and meeting rooms provide an ideal environment for phone calls, hybrid meetings, and team collaboration.

With custom design options, you can fit a pod into your space – or build your space around the pod. Contact our sales team to build a future working environment of your own.

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