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Charles Klingler, Sr. Resource…

Charles Klingler, Sr. Resources Manager, Cloudera

“Framery pods offer value not only for the staff but the guests as well at Cloudera Inc., Palo Alto, California.”

Cloudera delivers the modern platform for machine learning and analytics built for the cloud. Today Cloudera has offices in 24 countries with the company headquarters in Palo Alto, California.
“Cloudera has over 1,600 employees across the globe. A regular working day includes meetings between people in different locations. The challenge with the meetings was that participants around the world sit alone in huge meeting rooms. Talk about inefficient use of room resources”, says Charles Klingler, Senior Resources Manager from Cloudera.

We, Framerians, love our pods but we are always curious to hear why people have chosen our pods and if the pods really have fulfilled their mission. So, Framery team traveled to Cloudera’s Palo Alto HQ to witness their beautiful office and to find out why the pods have ended up all the way from Finland to California. Hoping not only to hear our babies been bragged but most importantly if the pods have affected Cloudera’s way of working.

Determined to have answers for our question “Why Framery pods?” we received a perfect yet simple answer from Cloudera’s Charles Klingler: options. “With Framery pods this provides the Corporate Services Team with more options for space planning when creating a new office space, as well as creating personal experiences for our local staff members for privacy needs due to open plan seating”, Klingler says.

Besides their own office staff Klingler also mentions the added value to guests visiting Cloudera HQ, “The Framery product is amazing with regards to look, feel and more importantly the acoustics it provides for sound proofing. Along with adding to the “value” of the office not only for staff, but for guests as well”. Klingler emphasizes the confidentiality the pods offer in terms of private calls or conversations and place for staff to work without disturbance.

And of course, no more wasted time chasing down empty conference rooms as Framery pods really worked their magic with one-person meetings moved to the pods. Talk about a real win-win to the whole staff! “There are many benefits to mention, with one being an investment to the staff and company. The pods provide more options within an open office plan for staff to be more productive, giving the staff more offerings for private touchdown space rather than chasing down conference rooms”, says Klingler. “From a Corporate Services side the investment is one you can take with you if and when the office relocates”.

Finally, a simple piece of advice by Charles Klingler we truly agree with:
“So far I only see benefits with the Framery pods. Use them often, that way you realize the true value of them.”




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