A person using a Framery O office phone booth in Linkedin headquarters in Dubai.

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LinkedIn’s Dubai headquarters draws inspiration from th…

Connecting Minds and Spaces: Redesigning LinkedIn’s MENA Headquarters

Embracing the vibrant spirit of Dubai, SAY Studio embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize LinkedIn’s MENA headquarters at Business Central Towers. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of the city’s history and landscape, the design team masterfully infused color, texture, and artistry into every floor. And a fleet of Framery pods make a remarkable addition to the office’s practical-meets-aesthetic working environment. 

In a city where innovation meets tradition, the design champions community and creativity. The office narrative reflects the very soul of Dubai, celebrating its diversity through vivid hues, captivating patterns, and thought-provoking art.

Framery Q meeting pods in an open area of Linkedin's headquarters in Dubai.

The office provides employees private spaces for focused work and confidential conversations in the form of 8 Framery O and 4 Framery Q pods, which seamlessly blend with the office’s aesthetic. The harmony of these pods with the exuberant surroundings encapsulates the essence of this transformation – LinkedIn’s MENA headquarters is a celebration of unity, collaboration, and cultural vibrancy, where every corner reflects the spirit of Dubai and empowers connection.

LinkedIn’s MENA headquarters radiates an aura of unity, collaboration, and cultural celebration, inviting employees to not only connect with their tasks but also to each other and the vibrant city that surrounds them. The result is an awe-inspiring environment that transcends traditional workspace boundaries, fostering connections among employees and the dynamic essence of Dubai.