Case | Siemens – Linz, Austria

Siemens, the global technology…

Siemens, the global technology powerhouse, has unveiled its redesigned office in Linz, Austria, reflecting its innovative spirit and commitment to a dynamic work environment. At the core of this office design is a deep commitment to prioritize employee well-being, utilizing Framery pods to provide access to private spaces at the office.

Every aspect of the design contributes to a feel-good ambience, with visual and communicative highlights and custom-made furniture adding to the uplifting atmosphere. The goal is to nurture well-being, fostering both productivity and relaxation.

This focus on employee well-being empowers team members to thrive personally and professionally. The thoughtfully crafted space supports and inspires employees, enhancing their happiness and success.

Recognizing the importance of privacy, the design also provides access to designated private spaces. These tranquil areas offer solitude and seclusion, allowing individuals to recharge and find balance within the bustling office environment.

By offering private spaces, the design promotes a holistic approach to employee well-being, catering to diverse needs and ensuring everyone can find their own personal oasis within the workplace.