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“We are committed to support o…

“We are committed to support our employees’ well-being with comprehensive benefits, so that we help them maximize their physical, financial, and social wellness. Yet according to an internal research we did, the productivity of engineers reduced because of the noise in the open-plan office. People started to book the big meeting rooms for single use only to get some privacy, tells Riku Pentikäinen, Director for Global Workplace Strategies at Microsoft.

“Our employees feel less distracted and can focus better”

“With the modern technology, we have less people physically present in the meetings – more and more of the meetings are held online. And often only one or two people are holding the meetings in a big meeting room. With the Framery phone booths and meeting pods we are moving towards smaller meeting rooms. We also get more flexibility and efficiency in the real estate use.”

“Our employees feel less distracted and can focus better on the work. In fact, we plan to replace one-third of the traditional phone rooms with Framery booths in our head quarter campus in Seattle.”

“Besides the user-friendly experience, the Framery booths are movable This is important to us, as we want to follow the trends on the office design. The booths also have lower costs compared to the fixed meeting rooms. Many employees use the booths every day, both for face-to-face and telephone meetings.”




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